Blender 2.5 – tutorials

Hi, this is a friend of Farsthary.

Although the volumetric renderer is now maintained/optimized only by the great Matt Ebb (aka Broken) with some assistance from Alfredo de Greef (aka Eeshlo), I thought it would be interesting for the supporters of the previous blog “True Volumetrics in Blender” to have some news from time to time, so…
* If you follow Matt’s blog, you will notice that he has implemented the interaction between external shadows and volumetrics. Hence, for any volumetric-related stuff, follow his blog by now instead of this one.

* Nick  (aka NRK) has kindly recorded and shared some volumetric tutorials with Blender 2.5 (development version, official beta version to come in one month, grab a build here)

Volumetric + Nodes

Point density

thanks to him!

P.S: If you follow Daniel’s Blog, you can only be amazed by his additions: smoke and fire (in the Blender 2.5 development build) can now interact with force fields! Well, he has done in a few months an incredible work, which will save a lot of time to the Durian’s devs for other cool features!

You can also notice another fund-raiser. Honestly, he is a modest guy, so even if the previous fundraiser for buying his new computer (except the graphic card: he currently uses the integrated and low-end one) went up to 200%, it was below 500$ (see “Hall of Fame”) so he did not buy very expensive hardware. So, this new fundraiser is for him to buy a powerful graphic card compliant with the opencl standard.

What does it mean? Well, opencl is a new programming language which allows to make algorithms run on various GPU (recent nvidia and ati graphic cards). For the smoke and fire simulator, this means that he could develop with a new graphic card a way quicker simulator thank to the new graphic card computing power. (new graphic cards can outperform CPU for heavily parallel calculations like those involved in the smoke/fire simulator –> realtime previzualisation?). So every blender user who has a recent graphic card and want a ultra-fast simulator has a potential answer…

By the way, Farsthary will also investigate opencl programming, I just sent him recent drivers + programming documentation.

Blender 2.5 – tutorials

5 thoughts on “Blender 2.5 – tutorials

  1. horace says:

    it’s not wise to buy graphics card for opencl now.

    wait for intel larrabee or nvidia fermi. this will be the first generation where gpu computing will make sense.


  2. nrk says:

    I’m glad you like my tutorials, thank you for the comments! I don’t like getting peoples names wrong maybe we could get him to post a dictionary pronunciation. OpenCL will be awesome and you can always tweak the code for whatever changes come in the new cards, early starts never hurt! Anyway these guys are heroes… thanks to all devs!


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