New Blog!

Hi, this is -again- a friend of Farsthary! 🙂

As Farsthary made last week a “little” excursion in the beautiful particle world of Lord Jahka (sorry if this sounds cheesy…), I thought you would be interested by some pieces of information:

– Jahka has kindly accepted to review his patch, so stay tuned to Jahka’s blog 🙂

– Stephen Whitehorn aka chickencoop (an early supporter of Farsthary) recently started his blog about other amazing particle VFXs! Kudos to him, we wish him a lot of success!

All progresses relative to the particles system are managed by Jahka, who directly adds them to the trunk. This means that if Jahka speaks about it on his blog, you can find the new tools a few days later in the fresh 2.5 builds from Graphicall (thank again to them).


p.s: sorry about the troubles with the new wordpress layout (problem under firefox for the comments, strange formating..), but this is one of the rare thing that Farsthary directly manages, so I don’t want to “steal” that to him by doing it without his authorization… so please wait a few days so that he corrects this himself..  Currently, if you want to let or read  a comment, you have to go to the previous post, then click “next”..

New Blog!

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