Cool effects

Hi all 🙂

Since SPH particles are , well, just particles, they can seemlessly be integrated with the whole dynamic system, providing an incredible range of particle FX’s, here for example I show you some simple yet beautiful cases:

the previous videos show SPH particles rendered with pointdensity textures (volumetrics)

And this one shows an interesting effect with instanced particles and some force fields with no gravity

Hope you like them
Cheers Farsthary 🙂

Cool effects

13 thoughts on “Cool effects

  1. Cool stuff 😀

    The second vid looks like someone is pouring moss into a bowl (if that were evre possible). Third one looks like the flocking behaviour of the creatures in Pitch Black.

    Four thumbs up!


  2. My greatest appreciation to this community and to the owner and members of this blog. I really appreciate your unity, you cooperation, and your love to the subject of this blog.


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