7 thoughts on “Verlet now in trunk :)

  1. maybe a bug or something?!

    I tested or rather tried out the verlet integrator and seem to have run into a bug which results in some weird particle behavior. Usually the particles are emitted from the Emitterobject and start falling down (due to gravity standard scene settings) and even if I use the grab tool in realtime playback or animate the Emitter Location, the particles are still ‘dropping’ from the emitter objects location. This is not the case when I use the verlet integrator type. Whenever I move the emitter object the particles seem to be accelerated into the emitter objects moving location vector – and this doesn’t look right. I uploaded a little video which displays this problem: http://vimeo.com/7863101

    I wanted to post this comment on jahka blog, but had some difficulties – so i posted it here.


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