Springs: New force type

Searching to add spring forces for the fluid particles I ended up with a nice patch that adds also spring force as a new general force type that could be used like any other blender forces: for objects, particles, etc. Needless to say the importance and wide use cases for spring forces in 3D, previously this functionality was available in Blender only in softbodies,cloth and constraints but with this patch this could be extended to particle systems for many VFX’s and also to objects, the possibilities are endless 🙂 It’s interesting to note how the particle system integrate features from softbodies and fluids 🙂 It’s very easy to implement and does not break any previous code, it only will need a new UI slider for spring rest length but I’m not good at UI coding, for you it should be easy to add 🙂


the size of the spring force gizmo changes according to its strength

I just sent the patch to Jahka for review and possible commit

Hope you will like it and I plan to upload soon some videos about it

Cheers to all  Farsthary

Springs: New force type

3 thoughts on “Springs: New force type

  1. Sounds cool! So what kind of effects would you suggest using this for?

    I’m imagining physical simulations varying from realistic stuff (bungee jumping?) to using it to simulate more manga, ninja bouncing around kind of stuff without having to hand animate trajectories and motion paths manually.

    I’m curious what other creative uses people can think of…


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