Using the enhanced Harmonic force

Hi folks!

this is a small tut about using the new harmonic force, hope you will find it usefull.

Lets create a simple yet cool particle scene with the new enhancement to the harmonic force
First create a plane emitter, with zero world gravity and around 500 particles emitted at the same
time in frame 0 with zero initial velocity, so they basically rest in that plane if no forces where

Now set the following particle properties:

Is important to set the Newtonian damping value because otherwise particles will blow away 😉 but you are also free to experiment with the Harmonic damping factor, the rest length, etc. the final result should be something like an oscilating water like drop, all of this without particle fluids yet!

Note also that you should use a newer SVN revision than  25500.

here is the example .blend

Cheers    Farsthary

Using the enhanced Harmonic force

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