Possibilities are endless

Mixing fluids with instanced metaballs
Mixing fluids with instanced metaballs

Hi all πŸ˜‰

The possibilities that fluid particles bring to the artist are truly endless, if you think outside the box not just realistic fluids
simulations are possible, including now multifluids interactions πŸ˜‰ but crazy FX’s if you are willing to experiment and go beyond physics range
One nice side effect of being tightly integrated in the already powerful Blender particle system is that it could make use of every feature of it,
so many powerful features of advanced fluid simulation tools like Realflow are already available!!!!! Like for example sculpting/painting
fluids, with the comb/brush tools of baked particle sims you could actually shape your fluid simulations!!!! and that is just the top of the
iceberg πŸ˜‰ Daniel Genrich has suggested me a feature that I have actually never think about it:

One thing I still miss is the ability to mix mixable fluid (e.g. 2 water based ones) with different colors and different densities and their properties get diffused/merged/mixed during time. So 2 water based fluids (which are mixable) where one is yellow and the other is red would result in a orange mixture.
Coding that should be a piece of cake for you πŸ™‚ (Simply use the nearest neighbor function to get the color/property of the surrounding particles andd mix them according to the physics or some nice artist approximation) πŸ˜‰

And yes, this is very easy/straightfoward to add to the current system, ANY particule property could be mixed/simulated/diffused because that is the heart of the SPH methods but I would like to research it a little more to extend it to fully mix complete materials/textures (shading); not just colors and simulation parameters. Of course, that’s something that should be reflected in the surface generation algorithm that will need to be developed for it, because the current metaball system surface generation don’t support mixing materials and also that part of the render pipeline will be subject to changes for good soon πŸ™‚

I have recently increased the accuracy of the fluid particles taking into account now the particles masses in the whole simulation process allowing nice effects that
I show in some videos here like very dense fluids with ligthly fluids sims, etc. For post integration many improvements could be done and one of the Jahka targets is to increase the speed of the particles systems and lowering their memory consumption so more particles could be used in simulations because the current limit 100k particles for one particle system with fluid particles will be very low πŸ˜‰

Here I show you more videos with crazy set up ones (asymetric fluids sims, microorganisms like, chemical reactions), and more practical others…. hope you enjoy them πŸ™‚

A rough ligthouse sim, I love the waves πŸ™‚

half dense fluid on top of other

double dense fluid on top of other

A fan mixing fluids

Crossing emitters

Asymetric sim

Microorganism like πŸ™‚

A chemical like explosive reaction like sodium with water?

Hope you like them πŸ™‚
Cheers Farsthary

Possibilities are endless

16 thoughts on “Possibilities are endless

  1. abcdef says:

    The “Microorganism like”-Video is set to private

    The others are awesome, i really like to see how Blender grows and grows in the hands of good coders πŸ™‚


  2. Great work.
    And if you can add the mix of the materials with several fluids, like Daniel said, it would be terrific. Thanks for your dedication, and best wishes for 2010!


  3. I can see this being used for all kinds of space / spaceship plasma as well as “energy effects” like at the end of X-men 3.

    The motion in the first video from the top viewport where you see waves rolling over each other as the fluid rolls down the slope.

    There are interesting possibilities for how fluid reacts when it mixes, too. What about fluids that start glowing where they mix? Or that change density? (I’m imagining lava flowing into the sea and creating steam where they mix…)

    I’m presuming they all go to 100,000 partiucles, but how long did these simulations take to run?

    Anyway thanks yet again for helping to push the boundaries Farsthary. You’re definitely making 2010 and exciting year for Blender!


  4. Malacath says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to have a build of this in my hands.
    Great work Raul.
    I’m curious to see what you will do 2010.
    greetings Malacath


  5. cesio says:

    Raul, excelente el faro. Muy realistas quedo. Probaste animar las propiedades de los fluidos, variar densidades, o que se mezclen y se separen.


  6. Paul says:

    Would it be possible to create a “pouring beer”? I mean, a yellow liquid which when hits the ground creates white bubbles which then flow atop and grow?


  7. Hi Raul ! The only thing that could really surprise me from you would be that you stop making use marvelous surprises !

    Thank you very much for these great improvements of Blender !

    Have a Happy new year !


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