My network is down

Hi all 🙂
I’m progressing a lot in the surfacing , I have implemented a spatial hash structure for boundless marching cubes acceleration that is working ok

For the isosurface evaluation I still have to investigate a few more approaches since I’m getting only surface slides of the fluid stream currently.

Currently I have a lack of updates in my site because the college net is nearly collapsing due to the VILSEL and several viruses of the same family that keep the network saturated 😦
KAV and NOD made very little for it, any effective solution ?

Cheers Farsthary

My network is down

5 thoughts on “My network is down

  1. Pixeltwister says:


    Only a coordinated logical approach will
    clean a whole network.
    Run a packet sniffer like Wireshark to get
    an idea of what the dodgy traffic looks like.

    Take down connections to outside world
    nowhere for Vilsel traffic to go.

    Take down all servers and workstations firing
    each one up using a boot CD/DVD with Antivirus making sure is clean then dropping.

    When all machines are clean restore the servers
    to operation and use packet sniffer again
    to watch for tell tale trojan activity before
    unleashing the Internet.

    Hope this helps?




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