Shaping your particle world :)

Hi all 🙂

The SPH project from Stephen and me is reaching a new milestone:

I have finally fully implemented the particle surfacing core, it’s done 🙂 ! , well , there’s a trick: it’s only the core 😉

… and this is in lots of ways unoptimized : I’m researching optimized alternatives and also I will have to implement the complete OpenGL shading (normals,faces…) with the correct blending between different particle types.

Also I think a polygonal cache should be implemented like the current Elbeem simulator does for baking the simulation only once…

Because no matter how many optimizations are made,  for real life situations it will always be slow 😉 .

here are some updates , hope you like them.

Shaping your particle world :)

16 thoughts on “Shaping your particle world :)

  1. Big Fan says:

    Very cool!
    You should sleep sometime though… young people.. 😉
    I see the speed is not too bad in this demo but I guess it is low resolution/few particles.
    Cache would be fine but multi-threaded is not possible for this calculation?


  2. Nice! Great to see the new fluid work moving ahead so quickly! I’m really looking forward to being able to render some large fluid scenes with this (I loved the “lighthouse” like video you posted previously). Man, I’d love it if there was some excuse in Durian to use the new fluid sim on some huge scale scene! What was that movie a few years back where the tidal wave crashes into New York? The Day After Tomorrow? Sounds like there’s a similar scene in 2012. Either way, this’ll be a great new tool to play with. Thanks for working on it!


  3. blenderificus says:

    great work!!!

    I too was thinking of OpenCL surface generation, plus cacheing, should make it a VERY fast process.

    Thanks for all your talend and hard work….looking forward to volumetric modeling sometime in the future too 😉


    1. Hey Stu!
      Great image!
      How did you do that?
      Im searching for a way making dust, too.

      actualy im trying that out with the smoke simulator.
      But one problem is the gravity (smoke rises ever up)- the other is the same as your problem: We need somethong highres-like with many many particles– hope SPH can help us.

      The normals particlesytsem does not allow that one particle collides with an other (so a sandclock iE is not possible).

      Hope to see some good innovations in the future!


  4. Not sure how the image happened. 🙂
    Just posted the link as I happened to read up on it recently, seems a nice way to get vast amount going at once.


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