Speed Boost :)

Hi all 🙂

I’m reaching production ready levels for the surfacing algorithm , it has already outperformed the instanced metaballs approach in orders of magnitude compared with my earliest raw implementation, just see it for yourself in the following videos

I want to point out that there is still plenty room for improvements and speed gains as currently there’s no cache implemented nor OpenGL VBO´s

hope you like it 😛

simple test scene

Previous implementation:

Current optimized implementation:

Cheers  Farsthary

Speed Boost :)

10 thoughts on “Speed Boost :)

  1. blenderificus says:

    that is quite an amazing speed up! great work on the code. Thank you very much for your hard work in creating such fun and useful tools for artists around the world!

    The first 2 images look like volumetric modeling, I realllyyy enjoy volumetric sculpting 3D Coat style, and just your mention of it brought a smile to my face in hopes 1 day blender might do volumetric sculpting one day.

    Your talent and hard work is VERY appreciated, thank you Farsthary! 🙂


  2. Big Fan says:

    Great speed up!
    This project is coming along fast.
    Dont forget to eat, sleep and wash sometime though.
    We dont want Blender to get a bad name with your mother for causing coding addiction. 😉


  3. grafixsuz says:

    Awesome work dude. That is one great speed increase. awesome.

    Do you think you will get this implemented into blender for the 2.6 release? have great day!


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