Wispy smoke … welcome buoyancy

Hi all 🙂

While I was working on the visualization pipeline of the particle fluids I couldn’t resist the temptation that represent SPH gases:

I have looked everywhere and there’s very little information of that outside the scientific simulation community and Galaxy formation 😉

But since I knew it was possible (because gas and liquids share the Navier-Stokes equations) I always had in mind such effects.

The current Particle Fluids implementation have temperature states that could be used in more complex simulations and I have added an artificial buoyancy force that allows the simulation of wispy smokes and other gas particles 🙂

A new door of particle FX’s has been opened for Blender.

Wispy smoke (1000 particles)

wispy smoke (5000 particles)

Cheers  Farsthary

Wispy smoke … welcome buoyancy

27 thoughts on “Wispy smoke … welcome buoyancy

  1. wo262 says:

    estoy ansioso por ver los videos. aunque lo malo de vimeo es lo que tarda en cargar. creo que ya es buen momento para usar youtube. la calidad de los videos ha aumentado un monton tanto en videos HD como en otras resoluciones mas bajas. antes a mi tambien me parecia mejor vimeo pero youtube ha avanzado mucho y me he tenido que pasar al bando contrario 😛 o todavia hay alguna razon para seguir usando vimeo? claro que vimeo siempre es mas artistico.


  2. Limvot says:

    Very, very nice. You are doing a great job in making particles have even greater and more diverse applications. Great Job! Love all the work you put in here, you always have interesting and useful projects.


  3. Agustin says:

    I simply can’t wait to have it in blender, Raul you are simply awesome.

    I would give you my sister to marry you, if i would have one of course.

    Thanks you very much Ra!


  4. Beautiful work, Farsthary! I can already imagine curls of smoke like this coming off some building / shield that Sintel’s dragon has just scorched!

    Thanks again for all the time and effort you donate to the Blender community!


  5. Just.. wow! What a pleasant surprise, and all happening so fast! Again and again you amaze me/us, Farsthary

    It looks really good (I like the galaxy formation part 😉 ), and it will compliment the smoke-sim nicely. So much to look forward too, it’s great and a big part is thanks to you!

    Enjoy and all the best from here!


  6. Marco says:

    Hey Raul,

    these demo look really cool!!!
    I’m trying to reproduce your effect with the SVN but I never can get that great organic movement you’ve got in yours. I’m using your same settings (at least that’s what I believe) but maybe I’m doing something wrong (perhaps the Force Fields??).
    If they aren’t too big, could you please upload your files? 😀


  7. Marco says:

    Sorry for keep posting about this matter, but it looks too cool to me 🙂
    Maybe I’ve got something similar using a Force Field, even if from your screen grab it doesn’t look a Force Field at all!. Anyhow, let’s say it is close to your cool fx now, what I’m struggling with is the thing that you get a sort of ‘intensity’ on some part of the particles. Some of them look like are more and we almost see some cool abstract lines, moreover in the smoke 2. My results instead are just ‘flat’: same particles everywhere. Help! 😀


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