A bug solved!

Thanks to the community feedback I fixed yesterday an initialization bug in my patch that was causing blender crashing on new particle systems when the emitters haven’t had previously assigned materials. I also changed a few things a bit to be more consistent with future changes 🙂

here’s the corrected patch:

..and also a new basic test file, this one shows a basic compact  fluid, play with it adding containers and such, just don’t forget to add collision options to the container similar to the floor 😉

Jahka will soon work on this and he’s already given green light to me, so the whole feature will be soon in trunk! Yay!!!!!! It’s very important to test this feature now before Jahka starts reviewing it so I could tune it to make his task easier and bug free 🙂

Here are the current builds:

* OSX (Intel) : Thanks Tkroo!

* Windows: Thanks David and Spacetug! 

Cheers  Farsthary

A bug solved!

20 thoughts on “A bug solved!

  1. cc says:

    modified patch for trunk rev27144, win32 binary by cmake + vc2008sp1,
    and sample movie are here.

    but, win64 build is still fail.
    error message is “#error “Error! can’t make correct DNA.c file from
    ..\..\..\..\..\blender\source\blender\makesdna\intern\makesdna.c:1108, STUPID!””.

    at now, I don’t have a account of GraphicAll.
    therefore, anyone can redistribute these at GraphicAll.


  2. farsthary says:

    Oh, I really can’t test it on OS X , I have tested it on Ubuntu 9.10 and on Windows, the first parts of the patch are related to linux and windows config, I guess you could omit them in case they cause troubles because they are very particular to me that lack some libs.

    @Willem: This aims 2.5x series, lost of things have happened since 2.49b and altough is an excelent Blender version is already deprecated for commit/support.

    @David: Thanks for your build 🙂


  3. gois says:

    WOW farsthary, you’re fast! A big thank you for all you do for the Blender community and have a great time with Blendiac Family too!

    such a good design has now your blog!!!


  4. Jacob Moore says:


    I tried without the linux and windows parts to the patch, but it still gives me hunk errors. The errors appear when patching drawobject.c and rna_particle.c. Would it be helpful if I sent you my .rej files from the patching?


  5. David says:

    Thanks. I see there is already 67… make that 68 downloads. It seems that many people have been anxiously awaiting this. Great job Farsthary! This is fun to play with. 🙂
    I had made a graphical account about 2 years ago but I had dialup then and was unable to use it. I’ve recently moved to high speed Internet and am now able to upload builds, but now I lost my password. 😦 (I don’t remember my user name either…) 😛


  6. edi says:

    @ Raul

    I tried to apply your patch under Jaunty but lots of hunks have failed. Then I applied it manually to a default svn-screenshot with no modifications.o_O Man this must have been a hell of work. Respect!

    When I compile it with scons, almost at the end, I get following terminal output:
    Program version: $Id: makesdna.c 26877 2010-02-13 23:18:28Z blendix $
    Align struct error: ParticleData prev_state
    ~/build/linux2/source/blender/makesdna/intern/dna.c] Error 1
    scons: building terminated because of errors.

    Since my coding skills are very limited, it is hard for me to localize the reason for that. 😦

    But maybe you can. What do you think?


  7. Very cool! Thanks for the 32bit-Build!

    Raul- is it possible to add “rotation-collisions” to that particles?
    This would be VERY interesting.
    So we have many particle-balls iE that rotats over the floor an collidate with all other balls!


  8. farsthary says:

    Hi all 🙂

    Thanks to everyone for the fast feedback
    I want to apologize for the troubles the patch may give you, is because is a truncated patch, I haven’t included some files related to the surfacing (that is currently unstable) and that may cause errors
    luckily some of you have being able to apply it 🙂

    The good news is that Jahka is working on this and he will make an error free commit. Soon I will be releasing the surface patch.

    Plus documentation.

    Don’t hessitate to send me bug reports to my email


    Cheers Farsthary


  9. MmAaXx says:

    I’m playing too much with SPH, are simply AWESOME!

    just some errors with metaballs, sometimes render sometimes crash, anyway I think this is a “side” bug.

    Im not expert about particles, but I can make some tests anyway!



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