Quick update

Hi all 🙂

Just a quick update:
I’m working with Jahka refining the final patch, thanks to its feedback abd
the users feedback I will modify several things in the final patch, like default values and remove some small things that are in future particle system design roadmap.
Next week when Blendiac and WhifeofBlendiac return home they will upload
several very interesting high resolution screencasts I have made on some use cases of particle fluids.

Including a very interesting one using particle fluids to simulate sand
(high number of small solid points that interact with its closest neighbours) of 100k particles, at near 1 fps simulation.

Cheers to all

Quick update

6 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Max Puliero says:

    WOOOWW !!

    do you think that “tail” option would be workswith your SPH particles?

    What about metasphere 😦 “no metasphere no party” 😦

    Your work is incredible! 🙂


  2. Chubaso says:

    Hey Fartshary,

    you are always doing a great job! Iam really looking forward to the new
    particle Stuff.

    keep on this good work


  3. N.A. says:

    Simulation of Sand is a thing that i needed for a long time, i have tried different methods but nothing looked good enough… And here you tell the World that this will come to Blender 🙂


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