Candidate for integration: corrected particle fluids patch

Hi all 🙂

Thanks to Jahka review and advices I have corrected the particle fluids patch and have simplified it for better integration. Also I have discovered and solved an important bug in the multi-fluids interaction that caused strange behaviors in fluids.

here you will find the new patch:

and here a new test blend:

The short list of changes are:

– Important multifluids bugfix.

– Better defaults and parameter naming.

Cleaner patch.

I have temporarily removed the particle color and temperature visualization since they are targeted for future design in Jahka framework, but once committed the code will be easy to add back.

I will soon upload a pdf with all the features of particle fluids.

Candidate for integration: corrected particle fluids patch

9 thoughts on “Candidate for integration: corrected particle fluids patch

  1. alalo says:

    Sweet! Tried it today for the first time (yay! I managed to apply a patch : )

    I would try it for hours if I had time. But those few minutes amazed me. About the surfacing thing.. did I miss it or is it a wip apart from this patch?



  2. james says:

    collision is too simple and bad… (bouncing fluid…..)
    the solver is very unstable with many particles
    try 20000 particles… does not work.


  3. David says:

    It seems that a recent change in the trunk makes this not work. The partials seem to explode after a few of them collide with a surface. The chased simulation looks fine but if i change anything it goes crazy. I’m sure it is nothing big. I will try to find the revision that caused the problem.


  4. farsthary says:

    Seems that something has changed in the latest revision, I will see what happen. And about bouncing fluids, take into account that you have to play with all the parameters, viscosity and particle damping increase stability as fractional timesteps do.

    A tutorial is urgent because people could report as a bug unknown functionality 🙂



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