Fluid particles – part one done!

Hi all,

Jahka has finished the review of the patch from Stephen Whitehorn and Farsthary to simulate fluids with his particle system! The code is in trunk (revision > 27986)

Big thanks to all of them! (do not forget to support Jahka! ). Now Farsthary can resume his work on the code generating surfaces from the particles (part two).

As usual, grab updated blender builds on Graphicall.



Fluid particles – part one done!

10 thoughts on “Fluid particles – part one done!

  1. Thanks a lot for this ‘now official’ feature. It’s such a great addition to already existing particles (thanks to jahka) and I am really looking forward to see it with surface.

    I noticed one thing though, the particles are behaving funny again, when the emitter moves to any direction they seem to shoot away from the emitter into its moving direction. Only when Particle Option fluid is active. I reported something similar which was there when the verlet integrator was introduced to blender.


  2. Platypus_Green says:

    Just tested the fluid particles, works fine for a short while then seems to randomly explode.
    Hope this is only a short term bug. As for when it works it works really well.

    Great work guys. Hope for a stable release soon.


  3. Kai says:

    those little random explosions are really nasty but otherwise a great achievement. 🙂
    maybe this happens when particles come to close to each other and the force of repulsion is immediately growing insanely high?


  4. belich says:

    is there any way to stop bounce without friction, because friction “sticks” particles to surface and moves funny when you move the flor or cotion object


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