Fluid Particle Documentation soon

First of all I’m very glad the fluid particle core is now committed thanks to Jahka and also he has fixed the moving emitter object bug, but aside of that there’s no other bug. Unstable simulations are not bugs but limitations of the current solver (and actually limitations of the SPH theory, it is not unconditionally stable)
In Realflow you could get very easy unstable sims too 😉

The videos I have recorded explicitly say that where form a previous patch version, lots of things have changed after that.. And I’m working now on a proper and official documentation and later on improving stability.

If someone have problematic setups try to send it at farsthary84@gmail.com
but an important advice is that with fluid particle colliders should have friction and damping around 0.5 or higher values!



Fluid Particle Documentation soon

13 thoughts on “Fluid Particle Documentation soon

    1. gustav says:

      I notice that the tweak setting have big impact on stability. However in it’s current form it has some limitations. From an artist perspective you want the length in time of the simulation fixed. But when adjusting the tweak parameter you’ll change the frame rate of the simulation (i.e it runs in slow motion) which in return means that you have compensate by adjusting the end time, life time etc. and then only render every x frame in order to have the same length in time as with a tweak value equal to 1.

      A better way to implement this would be with sub-frames
      factor (set how many time you want to simulate the particles between each frame). I think this is the way Realflow and Houdini does it. Then the simulation time always would be fixed, and it would actually be faster than the work around I described above because you don’t need draw the simulation for every sub-frame only for full frames.



      1. farsthary says:


        Yes, subframes would be a nice way to go, is something that jahka have suggested and I will look toward it after introducing documentations to the community 🙂


  1. You wrote: “fixed the moving emitter object bug”, but this fix hasn’t been committed yet, right? I have tested a recent build and looked into the commit log but it’s still behaving funny…
    I am just wondering because you said it’s fixed…you propably meant something else bye that sorry if I missunderstood.


  2. farsthary says:


    You’re rigth, I thougth it was commited but no, I have publicated today the fix for it, is a matter of a single line of code


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