Subframe steps committed!

Hi all 🙂

A few minutes ago, Jahka committed the subframe feature patch for the particle system with a few useful changes. As explained in previous post ,subframe helps to increase the stability of particle simulations.

This is an advanced feature   that for example is regarded as one of the biggest lack in Softimage ICE.

Hope you like it


Subframe steps committed!

14 thoughts on “Subframe steps committed!

  1. Um, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but to me it looks like hardly anything in that video was using particles at all (other than to add finishing touches to the final render, and for a bit of splash on the radial drops). To me it looks like that video is being done by some specialized surface deformation script with some kind of micro-poly-like displacement.


    1. Eh! I wasn’t trying to make you wrong, dude! You didn’t do anything wrong….

      I just didn’t want you to be disappointed, as SPH is a very flexible, powerful but different technology.

      In all seriousness, please don’t stop posting… especially because of something I said! 🙂


  2. funny – my comment was gone when I closed my webbrowser and went to this page again.

    thanks a lot (was my comment) – and I am also wondering or sort of think, that the explosions where less in the earlier patch!? I’ve tested them both and it seems easier to control the particles coming from the emitter, but harder to handle the particles on collision. Rather a feeling 😉


  3. Max Puliero says:

    thankyou found it!

    really impressive!! is so stable an usefull! thankyou!

    would be awesome if also smoke system use the same computation 😀


  4. mutze says:

    just waned to congratulate you for your branch you got in the blender-svn today and say thanks for the awsome features you have and will code 😉


  5. vic says:

    Congratulations my brother, may Jah bless u more and more. I am so glad that u are now recognized between the big ones!!!! Keep going !!!!


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