Unlimited Clay, Sculptris Holy Grail soon in Blender!

Hi Everyone

I just couldn´t resist the temptation 😉

The first time I saw voxel sculpting in 3D Coat I said to myself: I hope one day we have in Blender Voxel Sculpting! But at that time I hadn´t the necessary skills to start the project, so I pushed it to my todo list. What captivates me more about Voxel sculpting, is the “Unlimited Clay” freedom, you don´t have to worry anymore for polygon stretching and instead you can focus on the art itself.

Of course, for animation and game projects those freeforms have to be retopologized (not an issue if Rohith‘s project is successful) and this is always important to keep good topology from the beginning … but you get my point.

Then , suddenly, Sculptris came to the scene, a very small and well designed application with an incredible feature: Sculpting tessellation or subdivision on the fly! it was not voxel based at all
but provides similar freedom: unlimited clay to sculpt!

another topic if Voxel Sculpting or Sculpting Dynamic Subdivision are equivalents from the user perspective (I think they are 😉 ) but something start to blink under my radar: -We must have it in Blender! And this seems definitely easier to implement than Voxel Sculpting because the foundations are already set in the excellent and ever improving Sculpt module.

After the Blendiac visited to Cuba, I have promised this to them and I have talked with Dr Petters (Sculptris creator) about a future possibility of implementing that feature in Blender. He’s gently answered telling me that it was not his current interest and he at that time didn´t know what will be the future of Sculptris: Opensource?, sell to a company?, etc

I’ve told him that sometime in the future, even without his assistance or proper documentation, I will try to replicate that feature: the algorithm proves to be not difficult at all. So I put this second project on hold, until two days ago, where a Blenderartist thread wake up my sleeped interest in Sculpting Dynamic Subdivision: and after two sleepless nights I have a working prototype!!!!!

I have no skills at all in Mesh/Sculpt code, so my current work is … well, a tinkering with Blender code. If it attracts the interest of an experienced dev in Mesh/Sculpting I could take this further 😉 . There´s a lot of room for improvements and currently it’s highly experimental so not comparable currently with the Sculptris implementation and should be redesigned, but it could easily be a kick ass feature in the Blender Sculpting toolbox! It basically allows the artist to add new details and parts to the sculpted mesh like branches, carved perfect holes, etc, on the fly, without a prior planification. Here I show you a video and as always, I hope you will love this new surprise 🙂

Hope you love it

Cheers Farsthary

Unlimited Clay, Sculptris Holy Grail soon in Blender!

50 thoughts on “Unlimited Clay, Sculptris Holy Grail soon in Blender!

  1. wo262 says:

    pero como funciona junto al codigo de multiresolution? supongo que es un tipo de scuplt que no usa multiresolution y si afecta al mesh base original.


  2. Tlaz0000 says:

    Awesome! Any chance you could add the modified code to your blender branch so the rest of us can test it? This has other advantages over voxels, such as being easier to export to other programs (such as the Ogre 3d engine when a blender 2.5 exporter is released). Also useful for those who use linux and can only run sculptris with loads of bugs using wine! Thanks for yet another great feature!


  3. farsthary says:


    No usa multiresolucion, afecta directamente la base mesh.

    @Tlaz0000: Im considering releasing it as a patch , but integrating it in my branch is tempting 😉 thanks for the tip!

    The video will show you the true power of it, is very dificult from some stills to get the idea.


  4. Tlaz0000 says:

    Do you have access to wikipedia and related sites? You could upload the video to the wikimedia commons under the creative commons licence….unless you don’t want people to use it for commercial purposes! Perhaps add some other demonstrations of blenders new features and add it to blenders wikipedia page even…I’m not sure there are that many details of blender 2.5 on that page yet…..
    I may be completely naive about wikimedia however, it may not be possible to upload videos without a particular subject….or perhaps their length might be limited….its worth a try though….


  5. blenderificus says:

    OMG!!!!! you have just outdone yourself, yet again!!!! This is absolutely AMAZING NEWS I have dreamed of hearing!!!!!


  6. Nik says:

    This might get me to use Blender’s sculpting tools instead of sculptris again:P Is this a Voxel sculpting method or dynamic tesselation? Dynamic tesselation has proven to be wonderful, but it’s still impossible to make holes and closed loops. Not sure if that can work with the dynamic tesselation method. Perhaps some sort of metaball-like effect for mergeing and puncturing?

    This is going to be very useful, especially if the quad-dominant remeshing feature exists by then.


  7. farsthary says:


    Is dynamic tesselation based, you have a point with the merging effect… some interesting research 🙂

    wait a little more for the video, tis is the kind of feature that could not be showed static and Lapinou is doing a great jo to make it aviable to all.


  8. just awesome. i just downloaded sculptris 1.0 and ran it through wine on my macbook (runs ok).

    2 hours later there’s a thread on blendernation telling me that you’re working on something like this. just awesome. so thanks for your two sleepless nights 🙂


  9. jim ww says:

    i am surprised, and i do love it!

    as a 3D artist, i appreciate that there are brilliant developers such as yourself, that create these fantastic tools, which enable my creativity. thank you for your efforts, and your inspiration!


  10. Emu says:

    Above all it’s nice you turned the public attention to this topic 🙂 Hopefully another blender dev will notice Sculptris now. So – thanks for the effort!


  11. Will says:

    That could be nice. The real draw with voxels though for me, is being able to punch a hole though the middle or chop off an arm or tentacle that you want to be separate. The idea that it’s really like working with clay. Take two clumps of it and mash them together and bam, they’re now one object


    1. Curvy 3D does hybrid mesh/voxel sculpting. So you can sculpt individual parts with mesh-sculpting, then merge or subtract voxel-style before immediately continuing with mesh-sculpting.

      By the way – awesome work on the dynamic subdivision, I’ll be having a go at the same for Curvy 🙂


  12. Anon says:

    Fantastic, I’m working on something that could use this feature now, I salute you for your blender work, I’m always excited to see what you’re cooking up. I’m ashamed to ask this because I feel as though it detracts from the importance in conversation around such a great feature but… What’s the song in the BG of this video?


  13. Chris says:

    um wow, last year I would have never have dreamed Blender would see things like this. Big thanks to your efforts to bring this amazing workflow to Blender, I can already see the grins on the faces of the first blenderartists to use this.


    1. Tlaz0000 says:

      But a patch or application to branch-farsthary is a better way to get it to the users quickly. An integration to blender trunk will take a long time. Also, I don’t think Farsthary has commit access to the main branch so he will have to make a patch first anyway…


      1. FreeMind says:

        ofcource, It will start up in a new branch, and then be merged to the trunk once it’s complete.
        But as it reaches the trunk, it shouldn’t come as a patch.


  14. Tlaz0000 says:

    @Freemind: Yeah I totally agree. Eventually it should become trunk, I misunderstood you! But building blender 2.5 is an absolute breeze on Ubuntu, so I would be happy to see a patch in the nearer future for us to all test and enjoy! (I haven’t a clue how to build blender for windows however, let alone how to apply patches…I’m sure somebody reading this knows!) If anyone else uses Ubuntu/Linux a great tutorial is here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Attic:Dev:Doc/Building_Blender/Linux/Ubuntu_Feisty_Fawn which shows you how to get all the preliminary required packages. Not sure how well it will work on non Debian-based distros however, but I expect it is just a different method to get the required packages.


    1. Tlaz0000 says:

      Though I know a different build system with Cmake is recommended for those who actually devel blender..I’m sure that tutorial isn’t too hard to find.


  15. haikalle says:

    This is just amazing. I hope that you continue to work with this feature, because it is making us all much happier people.


  16. Shinobi says:

    It make me want to deserve a crushing hug to you, Raul 😉

    I’m almost speechless…. if I think you need two night, I say 2…

    please, make it evolve and push it in your branch soon, I think other devs can’t unnotice it and will be very glad to improve and merge it into trunk!!!


  17. jsplifer says:

    I was just talking about this type of sculpting to someone, and then a day or two later I see DEMO VIDEO?! Of it running in blender!? Your too cool man!


  18. Hi dude, you are a GOD!!! man do you have some kind of build for testing!? I want to try it! I love sculpting and I can help you with beta testing, here my art, dont have 3d yet there but I actually I’m a modeler http://niyado.com cheers man!!


  19. Tiago Estill de Noronha says:

    For the hole punching thing, how about checking if there is a backface in the direction opposite to the normal, and if it doesn’t find any within the bounding box of the object (before hitting a face), kill that face; that should result in a break in the surface, but since the vertex resolution is relatively homogeneous i imagine it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out how to patch the break.

    And for doing somthing like building a handle by growing two horns toward each other (merging intersecting parts), check if in the direction of the normal there is any backface (before a regular face ) within the bounding box, if it hits a backface, before a face or the limit of the bounding box, kill the face; patching like in hole punching would also be necessary.

    Perhaps it could instead of faces deal with vertexes, by interpolating the normals of the faces the vertex form, i’m dunno which alternative would produce the best results.


  20. Stacey says:

    Nice to see this cause after sculptris maker, “Dr Petter” gone hiredby Pixologic..
    I Think there will be no more free sculptris in the future.
    Then I saw this Good job man…
    Really awesome,
    just think, that Sculptris only do in triangles…subdividing the mesh tesselation in more tiny triangles. And looks like that sculptris has advanced programming in alpha 5. so it need sse2 or sse3 support, I think dual core processor can have better speed rendering….with more than 3 GB RAM. so Windows 7 will have better performance…


  21. Stacey says:

    Can you make this program separated from blender someday? just another version but still free and have the blender export and import to this. so it would be famous as sculptris….
    Very nice job, two thumbs Up just for you….


  22. Rook says:

    I just found this out of the blue, and now I reaaaally want it..! Any news on if or when this might be released? Hopefully sooner than never!


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