Details go where they are needed

Hi all! 🙂

One of the main advantages of the adaptive subdivision on the fly is that you get details only where they’re needed, there’s no necessity now to have a high resolution mesh in places where this will be a waste of resources, you could have places of the same mesh as refined as you want, and I think this will allow , with the same amount of resources, more detailes models.

By the way, check the impressive progresses made by GSOC student Jason Wilkinson about sculpt tools improvements in less than a week (speed optimizations, working clay brush,etc)! grab a “jwilkins” build on graphicall.


Details go where they are needed

17 thoughts on “Details go where they are needed

  1. belich says:

    esto es muy interesante, pero como para usarlo para esculpir, asi como hay una subdivision adaptativa, tambien tendria que haber un reductor de subdivisiones adaptativo. . . claro si se busca lo mismo que el scultptris, si no es asi igual es una gran feature, que estaria bueno tener.
    Sigo esperando que acepten el patch de seleccion por grupos!! es muy bueno.



  2. Nik says:

    I seriously can’t wait to try this… Especially with the GSoC sculpt improvements, the GSoC quad remeshing, and possibly a way to make holes etc. will make this an invaluable tool. Is EditMode independent from this? As in, is it possible to edit the topology and do the sculpting? Because if yes, it will be possible to do booleans and all the other other nice mesh operations while still being able to continue sculpting!


  3. vix says:

    Hi Farsthary, i think it would be best if you add adaptive tessellation as separate modifier, or some kind of option, so it can be turned on/of, because sculpting is used in many techniques, and changing topology is not always welcome. By the way, I really admire your contribution to blender, people like You makes it alive!


  4. Great job so far! I was showing this and Sculptris off to some friends and we all agreed that it would be great if you looked in to a way to punch holes in to the mesh, or fuse two together. Sculptris doesn’t even offer that feature yet, and it seems as though it would make it so you don’t have to look in to volumetric methods at all.


  5. SamCameron says:

    A poly reduce tool would be apreciated too, as belich said, you could add some code into the smooth brush not just to relax the mesh but also to join vertex at the same or similar position to reduce the amount of polygons without altering the global shape.


  6. SoulVector says:

    Something that I would personally like to see with this type of sculpting is the abilty to also control the level of subdivision that will occur. Say you press “1” and level 1 will be best for rough form. Press “2” and you will paint more details and so on.. and at any time you can control the level of subdivision by telling the brush what level you want to paint with. Sort of like choosing between auto-mode and a manual-mode where if you paint too much detail you can allways change that by painting with a more rough brush-level.


  7. kram1032 says:

    Adding geometry on the fly where it’s needed is pretty nice 🙂
    However, does it also remove geometry when not needed any longer? (If you flatten a hole, for instance)
    This will be so great in combo with the sculpting improvements now as well as the quad dominant remeshing 🙂


  8. namekuseijin says:

    damn amazing.

    Indeed I don’t see the point of multiresolution anymore. What’s the point with it? Performance so one can quickly change some section by going to a lower resolution level and doing the change there that will apply to the upper levels? Balooney!

    What multiresolution really does is limit an artist: he doesn’t need simply to just draw, but keep an eye on balance between extremely dense areas and others too shabby and manually adjusting changes by going up and down the levels. Also, one can’t simply draw because the draw tool simply displaces existing polygons, doesn’t create more. I think everyone who’s used Blender multiresolution sculpting already got burned by trying to actually create a whole model from a single “box” and realize the limbs are much too lacking polygons and detail while the body is too dense and smooth. You try to create limbs and they come out looking fragile and twisted.

    so, if you need to sacrifice anything just to have this play nice with multiresolution, forget it. Just add it as another modifier, independent of multiresolution. Yeah, it’d be a shame if it was not to play well with the upcoming brushes, but alas, life is unfair and this change is a huge step forward over multiresolution.


  9. TweakingKnobs says:

    muy bueno tu trabajo hermano , voy a donar algo el mes que viene , unos 15 o 20 euros o asi.

    esta bien eso al cambioen cuba ?

    venag un saludo!!!


  10. Squiggly_P says:

    Quads are totally and utterly moot when you’re dealing with meshes this dense. You don’t need to worry about edge loops, because you’re not going to animate this many verts. You’re going to bake a normal or displacement map to a much lower-res mesh and animate THAT.

    You don’t need to worry about organization and mesh cleanliness because… LOOK AT IT!! There’s either going to be a dense cloud of sub-pixel-level quads or sub-pixel-level tris on screen. You’re not going to be hand-editing that, are you?

    You’re not going to subdivide, either, because you can just add as much detail as you want without needing to subdivide.

    There is literally no need for a quad-based mesh at this density with this sort of sculpting tool.

    And keep up the work, man! I can’t believe how quickly this has been brought into blender’s sculpt mode.


  11. Joe says:

    Hi, I downloaded the latest jwilkins-build (linux 64bit) from, but there’s no unlimited clay option. Where can I find the unlimited-clay build?


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