Quick documentation

different brushes give different effects

Unlimited clay provides two new propeties of the sculpting brush:

Detail: controls how many polygons should be added, smaller values subdivides more the underlying mesh while higher values subdivide less. It represent the fraction at which, if an edge under the brush radius get bigger, then that edge will be subdivided. Once every edge  in the influence radius is smaller than the detail, then they won’t be subdivided further unless you decrease the detail factor and or change the brush scale/zoom radius.

Smoothness: Controls the subdivission smoothness, from no smoothness (0.0) where new detail don’t change underlying mesh topology to maximun smoothness (1.0) where new detail add curvature.

I have committed those changes to my branch, so get sync 😉

and here’s a new patch

Cheers  Farsthary

Quick documentation

8 thoughts on “Quick documentation

  1. Blendiac says:

    Nice addition! The smoothness will make a big difference, too. Great to see someone ask for this only a few days ago and you’ve already made it! Muy rapido! 😀

    Have you seen any of my emails yet? I’ve tried both accounts…

    Muchas gracias!


  2. SoulVector says:

    @Max Puliero Said

    A reduce or reverse brush would definitely be great. But I think it would require Blender to be more procedural or have a smart re-topology algorithm. Perhaps storing the original mesh in memory and having a density map controlling where the brush is being applied.


  3. kram1032 says:

    Really nice 🙂

    Just one thought: For reasons of psychology and finetuning, could you do “Detail” inverted? Minimum at 1 (no change at all aka deactivated) and higher values meaning more and more details.
    (At least, that’s how I understood it from your description. Something like the frequency of added detail) 🙂


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