Known issues

detail control, it could require several strokes over the same place to achieve the desired subD
Hi guys 🙂
1) The topology does not update untill i let
go of the mouse. So it’s hard to see what i’m
2) The detail slider seems to be doing absolutely
nothing, and the polygons i get from small trokes
is extremely far from enough.
3) When starting from a cube and drawing on it, the
cube subdivides once and turns into a ball instead
of letting me add detail to the face.
4) If i draw a small stroke on a low poly model, it
subdivides the whole face and makes a huge lump
instead of my little details.
5) The topology gets really messy. Sculptris
allways has really clean proportional triangles.
I think it should ditch the quads and go with
triangles instead.
6) No undo.
Yes, I’m aware of those issues, some of them are
easier to tackle than others, my first goal was to
achieve dynamic subdivission no matter the
workflow, then adaptive subdivission, and only once
those goals achieved, I will be focused on workflow
because although the workflow made the difference
from the user standpoint, from the dev standpoint
is just the make up of the tool.
1) Yes, realtime update do make a difference, but
at high polygon counts updating them in realtime
could be a pain, so is better to have it toggable
2) For me it do works….detail 0.05 gives lots of polygons, and if
are not enough just get closer…. if detail is set
to 0 (which currently I have disalowed) always will
subdivide. But currently when edge size get smaller
than the detail size it wil stop subdivide ….
3) yes, this is a bug, is because the first time it
enters in sculpt mode , every edge is selected in
editmode, could be easily fixed.
4) it subdivide starting from the base mesh, I know
the current mesh system is not idoneus, that flagg
is due to the current mesh system, not to Unlimited
Clay, … sculptris has a cleaner and better mesh
system (and also less flexible), the workaround
could be set to improve the Mesh subdivission tool
(outside Unlimited Clay but doable), it will
require more time, but the good news is that is
just plug an play and better subD algorithm
automatically will work with Unlimited Clay , and
again, there’s not much user case when you want to
sculpt a really low poly model, a good advice is to
start after one or two subD modifier applyed to the
5) Related with issue 4, current mesh subD
algorithm, some relaxation could be implemented.
6) yes, this is very important, and I think is
related with the events …. need someone
experienced in that … or just time.
Is a work in progress, and I thank every feedback and help
Cheers Farsthary.
Known issues

8 thoughts on “Known issues

  1. Max Puliero says:

    thankyou my friend 😀

    I just donate 10 dollas, hope help you in some way? go out and have a date with a girl ! 😀


  2. vicentec says:

    About dynamic subdivssion.
    Maybe I’m wrong but I think that the sculptris way of doing it involves the camera distance to the surface(or to the point of the surface where the brush is). So if your camera is closer to the mesh, the subdivision will generate more levels of subdivision…. Or I think so.


  3. Kamil Kuklo "mookie" says:

    I wish You all the best; you are truly very talented young man, I keep my finger crossed that you will get a job soon that will give you an opportunity to display and develop your talents! Thanks for all the work you devoted to Blender community!


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