This is the third time I celebrate my birthday here 🙂
Tomorrow, june 8 is my birthday, and I will try to leave early from the job and have some camping with friends … after all days here are awfully warm and the only place to be cooled are in the river 😉

Cheers Farsthary


39 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Fyodor says:

    Happy birthday!
    Happy coding to you and all other great things you want yourself!

    From Canada British Columbia Vancouver.


  2. Dim says:

    Happy Birthday Raul from tiny Vermont!

    My sincere thanks for all you have done for the development of Blender. You are one of the hardest working and most innovative coders in probably the entire graphics industry.

    Thanks again,



  3. Hi :)What’s up? :p I’m happy that you are still around “the internet” 😛 How did the last Google update affect your site? I took a look at your current rankings for this blog post and it seems that it’s all well for now! Keep that up and don’t forget to msg me when you catch some free time 🙂 Bye! 🙂


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