A dark mood

Hi guys

sometimes in my development cycles I enter in dark moods, I get trapped in closed circles and feel I don’t have the necessary skills to make the jump.
The Unlimited Clay as a PROTOTYPE is nearly done, what it miss are a better relaxation/subdivission to get cleaner polygons and not stretched ones, and few other tweaks like making the actual radius larger than the visible one to get proper details at brush edge …. but those are minor issues compared with my current main task … transform the prototype into a production ready tool, it means that it have to work fluently with high polycounts at speed in the order of the sculpt stroke tool: improve the speed of the realtime unlimited clay.
But the current solution is reaching its limit, the main problem is that the base Blender mesh system is STATIC everywhere I look, is very difficult and slow in high polycounts to add new elements.
I hope in the future that BMesh will target also dynamic meshes, because although Blender could handle higher polycounts than Sculptris, in therms of adding new elemts to a highly subdivided mesh it slow down to crawl 😦

I will start exploring new path like the Modifier way … but there’s to much I still don’t know about how modifiers work and I’m reaching the point where I need external help.
I want to thanks Nicholas Bishop for his advices.
Hope soon I could come back with good news.

PS: And because all bad things come together, this saturday my PSU got burn!!! the heat in my room was awfull at noon, and luckily I have my PC case open so I could react very fast and avoid further damage to the rest of the components 😛

Cheers  Farsthary

A dark mood

19 thoughts on “A dark mood

  1. brian says:

    keep your spirits high. there’s always something to learn, and you can’t know it all. but that doesn’t mean you can’t (and i know you will!) try 😉


  2. Thomas says:

    Don’t give up! When (not if) you get this working, you’ll end up knowing a lot more about blender, and you’ll be able to use that for your next project.


  3. Hi,

    I’m knowing this problem, when got stuck while coding isn’t nice. But keep it up. For me sleeping a night over it, get a distance to it and then working again on the project with new ideas works well for me. I can share the pain with you 😉



  4. Go ride a dirtbike, then afterwards, get some drinks with lots of friends and throw a BBQ by a river. Light up a fattie. Sleep. Then you’ll wake up and you’ll be refreshed and able to write the best unlimited clay code ever.

    That’s pretty much doctor’s advice. Experts agree.


  5. Marcus says:

    Well, if there is some coding work you can do on another feature then do this first.
    I would wait for BMesh if that makes things easier. Hell, Blender Foundation should really bring it on and give the Bmesh developer time and money to finish it soon.


  6. Quote Marcus “Hell, Blender Foundation should really bring it on and give the Bmesh developer time and money to finish it soon.”

    @Marcus The Blender Foundation did hire the BMesh developer but he’s working on Durian right now.


  7. comeinandburn says:


    I think of anyone you really deserve a break, and not just for a night. I would have to agree with Marcus that you should wait for the further development of Bmesh so you’re not doing unnecessary work.

    Take it easy and pace yourself, you’ll be refreshed and get back your enthusiasm if you take a different path for a while.

    and of course thanks for all your contributions!!!!


  8. David says:

    It is interesting that many people are recommended sleep. I have only tinkered with programming myself, and I often get stuck on problems. And twice now, when that has happened; I dreamed I found a solution and when I wake up and try what I did in my dream; I worked!
    So go get some sleep.
    BTW Whats a PSU? when I google it I get “Portland State University” and “PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE”. Oh wait: “power supply unit” that must be it!
    Sorry to hear that.


  9. erik90mx says:

    Sleeping sometimes help me to have an answer… and of course a little week to clear the mind 😉

    And then you will seee the things and problems with other perspective.

    keep the Blender Spirit 😉


  10. alalo says:

    +1 for a break and nice sleep time. That feeling happens to everyone who is very committed on doing some task. It is perfectly normal. Hitting head against wall only aggravates the block. Chill out a bit, mate.

    My only technical advice is to check BMesh. Just have a look at what it will be able to provide. Talk a bit with Joe and Nicholas. But, still, have a rest. 🙂 You deserve.



  11. Reequir says:


    looks like you need the render branch.
    add new indirect light to lighten the dark area
    get out of the dark mood

    good luck
    god bless you.


  12. … I wonder why people are always asked to get out of the dark mood… there’s nothing wrong with wallowing a bit in it, enjoying the feeling as it were for a day, and letting it go… it’s just your brain running out of happy, let it rest for a bit enjoying the unhappy, and then get back to happy-sad-whatever you need it to be to enjoy coding again…. you might even add a “rain sad brush” or something else to express your sadness with in the form of code.
    The blues wouldn’t have existed any other way…
    Oh and eh, I’m a fan of your skills, and love scultping, so if you’re wondering who you’re doing it for, just give us a call, there’s a least 15 people here cheering you on. 😀


  13. Thats a big problem! PSUs are very expensive right now, I was trying to get a new one but all the offers here in Santiago are super-great 600W PSUs costing $130.
    I recommed you to try to get one in Havanna, prices are a bit better.


  14. Hi Farsthary. Sorry that you are in a dark mood about subdivisions but guess what! I have been thinking about it a lot in my daydreaming and came on to your blog today to give you a possible solution to this very problem.

    This is a paper published in 2003 is by one of my favorite computer graphics heroes, Takeo Igarashi. SmoothTeddy, the successor to his famous Teddy implemented a fairly robust “beautifying” algorithm.

    Click to access i3dg2003.pdf

    As you can see at the end of the paper, he states that “There are some fundamental limitations in our technique. First, it
    works only for smooth, rounded surfaces. Second, it requires
    several empirically set constants. Third, there is as yet no
    theoretical guarantee of smoothness and robustness.
    Our least-squares fitting finds good quadratic functions in most
    cases, but the resulting surface sometimes has a “discontinuity” in
    the middle of the target fitting area (Figure 11). This is a
    fundamental problem of implicit quadratics and our only solution
    so far is to have more vertices as fitting targets and to use “in” and
    “out” hints. This prevents the problem in almost all cases in our
    experience, but we clearly need a more complete solution.
    The current implementation can represent sharp edges but not
    the tip of a cone, i.e., we handle one-dimensional singularities but
    not zero-dimensional ones.”

    However, while using Scuptris a few more times I discovered that not even it has a very good method of “beautifying” the mesh. If you start with a messy mesh, it will in most cases stay that way.

    I would suggest that you adapt Igarashi’s algorithm to interact with the mesh on one of three ways…
    1. Only to the region that is being affected in realtime (much like scuptris)
    2. Only to the region that was effected at the end of a stroke (would be much like smoothteddy)
    3. Offer a button that runs a “beautify” on the mesh

    Granted, I realize that you could also just wait around for the GSoC project to advance so that mesh beautifying will be primarily with quads — igarashi’s deals primarily with triangles.

    Aslo, please forgive me if I’m just making tall demands. I just want to help any way I know how.


  15. kike sanz says:

    Hi Farsthary. what is going on with sph particles and making fluids with them i have not heard much lately. How about a nice fire simulator 🙂 lastly GET some needed rest !


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