Tiny good news

Hi all
Still on paperware but I start to understand better the modifier system, and limitations are fading slowly but fading anyway 😉
Implementing Unlimited Clay as a modifier seems the best solution and I hope will speed things a lot, though will not be an easy task for me (unexperienced dev on modifier/meshes) it will prove to be a school on one of the main blender areas, so I will take the defy 🙂 .
Yes, I’m with new strength and getting out of the dark mood 😛
By the next week I will participate in a two weeks summer classes on “Interactive High-Quality Rendering” by Paul Guerrero (http://www.cg.tuwien.ac.at/)
The course will cover wide areas like Rendering ecuations, Monte-Carlo techniques,BRDFs,Precomputed Radiance Transfer, Virtual Point Lights and Lightcuts.
It will be a great momment to mind rest from Unlimited Clay but at the same time keep learning and sharing with the excelent crew of the UCI college in Havana 🙂 after that I will return to modifiers and meshes.
The rest of this week I will be reviewing and improving a very interesting patch that Stephen has send me about adding dynamic spring arrays to SPH particles 🙂 !
Cheers Farsthary

Tiny good news

21 thoughts on “Tiny good news

    1. farsthary says:

      I have an ugly patch that do that, but I would not like to mess my branch rigth now untill I get a first draft of Unlimited Clay modifier working, Unlimited Clay will allow me to gather knowledge on mesh/edit mesh and derived meshes structures that are very important for particle meshing … this is not a westing time 🙂


      1. Willem says:

        thanks Farsthary.

        Indeed i was thinking this mesh generation with Unlimited Clay would get you closer, and it’s good to know that so many things are planned for Blender.

        Thanks a lot!


  1. Scott says:

    Farsthary, thanks man. I appreciate your work so much, and I am in awe of your talents. Thanks for giving so much to the community, you’re awesome!


  2. There’s an English saying: “Its always darkest before the dawn” (ie when it seems dark, light will arrive soon). You are smart and persistent so I *know* you will succeed! I’m sure that when you do we will eventually see even more interesting things grow out of your new knowledge of Blenders mesh / modifier system. It’s always amazing to see what possibilities you create. I think that one day soon you and the Blender team will make Autodesk very afraid! 😉 Until then, have fun at the course and reviewing that patch. Does this mean we’ll be seeing more semi-solid jelly-like effects with sph?


    1. farsthary says:


      Yes my friend, it will mean plastic liquids in the boundary of being solids , like clay 🙂
      Stephen is working hard on it and I will help him 🙂


  3. Blenderificus says:

    Thanks for your hard work Farsthary. I look forward to using Unlimited clay in my production work someday.

    Have a great time studying rendering/lighting techniques.

    Also found a URL with some information you might find very useful for your particle re-meshing work:

    “Volumetric surface reconstruction from unorganised point cloud.”




  4. DanielWray says:

    The class sounds like it’ll be very educational and pretty fun, I hope it goes well! 🙂

    Also, thanks for the unlimited clay and other various features in Blender, you’ve really got a talent and I’m happy that your putting it to such good use, the whole community appreciates your efforts 🙂


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