poll : Blender Foundation resources

Hi, this is one of the blog maintainers,

This is not an official move, only something to take the temperature over there (results will be published)

They’ve been some discussions recently about the resources of the Blender foundation for the future moves: a constant funding would allow to hire additional people for doing not very exciting but necessary stuffs (refactoring, quality control, etc..), like the great Matt Ebb has been doing for 8 months, killing bugs thanks to a generous donator.

This is why I’m  throwing a quick poll in order to give everyone some ideas….

Kind regards,


poll : Blender Foundation resources

13 thoughts on “poll : Blender Foundation resources

  1. B.Tolputt says:

    This is a good poll to be having, but it will not help much in the way of knowing the general populace; being self-selecting and all.

    Also, there is the issue of what people would pay money for. For example, I would be willing to put down ~$2K toward the fixing of Collada Imports from Sketchup (they tend to fail miserably!) and/or a motion capture re-targeting feature. That would only pay for about two weeks work though so would require other people.

    Another important consideration is knowing the direction the Blender Foundation is going to use the money donated for. For example, people donated money to BMesh but the priorities of the Blender Foundation collided with that and so it has been “delayed”. Any form of recurring donation would need to be paired to a solid and consistent direction. Even if it is something as simple as “this month’s donations will be used for the fixing of bugs in the dopesheet editor” or similar.

    Not trying to open any arguments – just adding some detail to my poll participation (as in the “Further Comments” section at the end of a marketing survey).


  2. Lapinou says:

    Hi BTollput, you’re right, it would be naive to draw firm conclusions based on these results, and this alone does not solve everything (e.g. schedule for Bmesh, or tasks feeding up devs (bug fixing) as most of them develop blender by pleasure ).

    I’ve done that because I think it would be interesting for the foundation to have some trends about this (at least for future products price range, or downloadable tutorials/services at low price?), and perhaps they don’t want to do this themselves in order not to bother people who have already shown great support for Durian with other financial requests…

    Anyway, I think like you that this is not a trivial stuff as it implies both a community with different needs, a managing authority who have to do the best moves for the long term, and more importantly a developer with his/her needs and expectations…



  3. Lyle Walsh says:

    I just made a small donation and it would be helpful for tax purposes if the reciept page showed that the donation was to the Blender Foundation, including the Foundations non-profit designation and if the amount was in the currency of the donor, eg, dollars for those of us in the US.

    Thanks for all your hard work, I will spread news of this page.


  4. Lapinou says:

    Hi Lyle, this is very generous of you!
    just in case some people misunderstood, the donation for the blender foundation is not here: the button here is for helping Farsthary with his everyday life, so that he can focus on blender dev, but this is not related to the foundation, which is here (middle, on the right, small button):
    Send a mail to the previous address so that they refund you if you made this “mistake” (a good one, I know that if you let him keep the money, Farsthary will be very thankfull as even small amounts are of a great help for him). His current projects are related to dynamic surface generation, both for sculpting and fluids, but he is currently in a learning period (that’s why there’re less updates than usual)

    Good suggestions, but perhaps you should contact Ton directly? ton(at]blender[dot)org
    Indeed, this button is not evidenced, and so for related information about tax,etc.



  5. Max Puliero says:

    I think just a “donate” button doesnt change the actual situation.

    so I propose a “fund-counter” for show to everybody howmuch money need BF for a stable development.

    Counter is like a statistic, so People want to partecipate actively. Every day see that counter in homepage, incentive to donate.



  6. something that may be a good idea it would be to have not one donate button at blander.org home page, but to have a donate button for each branch, for instances have a button or link for Bmesh other for sculpt branch other for render branch other for maintnence, ui etc,
    and people would decide were to put the money and blender fundation would have a good idea of what people who is donating wants.

    sorry for my english 😛


  7. James says:

    I would rather donate a bigger amount once, or multiple times. I use blender regularly, but cant afford to pay money on a regular basis, life got so expensive, income’s so low…

    If this is just a hypothetic question, meaning whats blender worth to me, I would donate 20$ per month if I could.


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