Growing 2D flourish vectors in Blender

Hi all!

This time is a simple tutorial about making in Blender 2D vines growing like in AfterEffects, I have search in the web for it but all I have found regarding Blender are the 3D simple curve growing effects but 2D branching flourish vector growing are much more beautiful and ever present in AfterEffects compositing.

During this week (busy with a very interesting course), I had nonetheless some time to play with Blender and try to achieve this 🙂 so I hope this tip will help people who have wondered the same.

The only limitation I currently see with the method is that you could not control the size of the billboard object in a local way, currently if you animate the size of the particles it will animate the size of all the particles, not the new ones as should be, it is a matter of internal code of the current particle system and I hope in the future could be fixed because then there will not be any limits on what could be achieved with this method.

Other ways to perform this effect in theory could be with animated dupliframes instances that act as a mask but dupliframes seems to not be included in 2.5 and in 2.4x are not animatable 😦

Here is the example file

Cheers and hope you like the tip


Growing 2D flourish vectors in Blender

16 thoughts on “Growing 2D flourish vectors in Blender

  1. alalo says:

    What a beautiful result 😀 You you are not a regular programmer. You are an awesome programmer and you are now revealing an artistic touch 🙂



  2. zeauro says:

    I am also sure that animatable dupliframes would open interesting new possibilities inaccessible to particules.
    Because they are not related to mesh.


  3. amysol says:

    thanks for sharing the blend 🙂

    I cant wait to use your next unlimited clay patch/builds! Unlimited clay is soooo awesome


  4. farsthary says:

    Hi guys

    sorry for the video issues, it was a .mkv and it have codec problems but is not up to me to fi it (I don’t have the necessary bandwith to do that)
    Lapinou told me that as soon as he can he will fix it
    but have you tried to download it and recode it?

    cheers farsthary


  5. Rodrigo says:

    Hi Raul.. I try to follow you tutorial but I can’t doit. When I choose billboard from the particle system they don’t folow the mesh. I try to see your .blend but the link is broken :S.

    Hope you can help me. This way to achieve the effect of flourish is really great!!.

    Greetings from Argentina! xD


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