I’m back from hollyday

Hi all 🙂

Just a quick post because today I’m trying very hard to update myself from a full offline month 😛 ! my email inbox is nearly to explode 🙂
I have make some progress to unlimited Clay as a modifier, I have replicated (in a non relesable form yet) the previous funtionality but now as a modifier, and als this takes advantages of all the sculpt goodies. Soon I will post more on this.
It was really hard to be offline for so long and this month turn a year.
Is ok to be on track again
Cheers Farsthary

I’m back from hollyday

DIY solar projects (high temperature heat + electricity)

Hi all,

A last update about solar stuffs for people who have shown interest a few months ago about these technologies, here are DIY projects:

(warning! these projects have nothing to do with me aside passion, and are not for commercial use according to the blueprint authors)

a free handbook about solar energy (theory and technology)

solar concentrators designs (detailed blueprints), robust and proven:

500W-scale stirling engine (for temperatures above 550°C)

for parts you can now find firms on the internet that do machine custom parts based on blueprints (some even provide the CAD software that for)

By the way, Farsthary’s PSU is broken, this is why he can’t tinker as much as before…



DIY solar projects (high temperature heat + electricity)