Let your neurons grow connections

Yesterday nigth I have finally make some progress getting the EditMeshDerivedMesh in the Unlimited Clay modifier, it will be the key to sculpt over the EditMesh to get the dynamic subdivission and also have automatically access to every mesh editing tool current and that may appear in the future, this approach is much more flexible than write a custom structure just for unlimited clay because that way feature scaling is achieved. A custom structure may provide a bit more speed but at the cost of flexibility and that is a tradeoff I will never like to do.

Is all must a law, when you face a problem , you will need only time and let your brain get used to the issue, read, re-read, think of it, no matter if you don’t have a single clue, it will make new connections between your neurons and suddenly, a day, you sit down in front of your PC and the solution will start to flow, no mater if the problem is easy or complex, just don’t get panic if you don’t see the solution at first, trust that it will eventually get to you.

A quick advice for dev beginners 😉

Cheers  Farsthary

Let your neurons grow connections

10 thoughts on “Let your neurons grow connections

  1. I totally agree with you. A couple of days ago I also solved a problem that was annoying me since I started the game project. Just take some time to think and learn more and things will go.


  2. Agreed, some of my best ideas have come when just getting away from the problem, usually the computer, and just laying in bed, driving, working elsewhere, thinking about it. Then the mind is uncluttered and thinking more freely!


  3. farsthary says:

    @Max Puliero

    Bmesh is commin? ! cool, I hope finally get rid of some nasty edges when the subdivission differences are to high in brush edge 🙂
    when will be merge in trunk?


  4. Blendiac says:

    Showers and walks outside for the (problem solving) win! Sounds like unlimited clay is getting more flexible by the day. This is going to help a LOT of modellers. Thanks Farsthary!


  5. blenderificus says:

    Very excited to hear of more development on unlimited clay !! Thank you.

    I too lke a good sleep, and or walk in the rain to clear the mind.. let the synapses and neurons do their thing, the bring is amazing IMO.


  6. My greatest appreciation to this community and to the owner and members of this blog. I really appreciate your unity, you cooperation, and your love to the subject of this blog.


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