National coverage

Hi all 🙂

This one is big, I have featured a whole central page interview in Juventud Rebelde newspaper, the most important newspaper in Cuba, with national coverage !!!!!!

Hopefully this will spread a little what I’m doing and will bring to light Blender to many people that never knew about it 😉

Here’s the link to the interview in the online edition (in Spanish so fire up your translators 😉 ).

I want to thank to everyone that directly or indirectly has made this possible 🙂

Cheers  Farsthary

National coverage

26 thoughts on “National coverage

  1. ZareOne says:

    Enhorabuena Raul!

    He leido el artículo completo, y me hace mucha ilusión que un medio nacional de esta cobertura al software libre, y a Blender en particular. Espero que nazca esa comunidad cubana de Blender, y se potencie el uso de este magnífico soft, a nivel global.

    Gracias por la importante labor que estas realizando!!

    Saludos desde España!


  2. Raul, you always inspire me! I’m a Brazilian computer science student and a junior designer and my great desire is become a big programmer like you, working with 3D artwork and doing this fantastic things that you do!

    I’m very, very happy to see your success! It motive me to go on with this really hard way of Computer Science, that I love anyway! 😛

    Thank you for your example!


  3. nrk says:

    Congratulations my friend. I’m from the USA and actually have the money to by the big apps, but I like blender better BECAUSE of people like you and the great job you’re doing.


  4. Chaos says:

    Realmente te felicito loco por el increíble trabajo que estás realizando y por la dedicación que se nota que le dejás al trabajo. Se nota que en realidad te apasiona. Tus aportes a este universo son realmente útiles y supongo que en el futuro realizarás muchos más avances para dar un excelente ejemplo al resto del mundo, como muchos de nosotros queremos dar mediante el software libre.

    Un saludo, maestro.


  5. Tynach says:

    Awesome, and congratulations!

    I was wondering though, what happened to the surface generation for fluid particles? You have a blog post about it back in January, has it been completed yet? If not, I realize you’re busy with the unlimited clay (which I actually want more than the fluid surface, in some ways), but when do you think you can get back on the particle fluids?


  6. David says:

    Congratulations! National coverage huh? That is nothing; you have had INTERNATIONAL coverage on the blendernation web sight several times! Anyway it looks like you are now famous inside and out side of the blender community.

    About partial fluids Jahka just made a major fix and now it works as good as it used to! (rev 32072+) Special thanks to Kai Kostack’s in-depth bug report. No more random explosions even without sub-steeps! So far I think this is the most fun feature of blender to play around with. Thank you! 🙂 Now I can’t wait to play with unlimited clay! 😀


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