Stability is back!

hi all

A very important and nice thing that happened recently was that thanks to Jahka´s efforts the particle system is now much more stable than before: shortly after the integration of particle fluids we get lots of reports regarding random particle explosion in the most simple simulation set ups, making nearly unusable the new particle simulation features without increasing the subframe property that at the same time increase the simulation time. This was an issue inherent to the particle system in general (the collision related code), not particle fluids, but with this kind of physics it gets more evident than with other particle physics types due to its non linear nature that amplifies smaller unsatbility issues.

Well , I tested with great pleasure a new build and the problem was solved … here´s a quick and dirt set up with 100 k particles with near no stabilization trick and even then is beautiful, without the collision code corrections this was impossible to get.

Thanks Jahka 🙂 !

Cheers Farsthary

Stability is back!

8 thoughts on “Stability is back!

  1. Blendiac says:

    Nice! Between Jhaka, the rest of the Blender team and you, Farsthary there’s no stopping Blender!

    I’m hoping we’re going to get to see some beautiful fluid effects from this in Project Mango!


  2. Awesome, I guess surfacing is still a way off, but have you seen this:
    basically appies a ‘peak and smooth’ algorithm to metaball surfaces (free maya plugin). As far as I can tell it just looks over the generated metaball surface and finds extreme points (peaks) and holds them while smoothing everything else to eliminate the ‘blobby’ look that metaballs have?


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