Another quick test and a little rant

Hi all! 🙂

This is a little test of unlimited clay rewritten from scratch: at the surface you see the same, but this is entirely a new engine under the hood, and it’s getting in its final form.

I’m currently facing serious communication issues as most of my  channels have been squeezed out: only emails remain available but I get little answers from my email questions…I feel that I can hardly follow the open source development pace… I’m not getting enough feedback, perhaps email is not the way and also no one is forced to answer me, I understand we all have problems and projects that drain our time, i’s just that I thought the development would be more dynamic and collaborative…

I’m feeling alone and isolated, and I don’t blame anyone from the blender community for that, it’s just the piece of reality that was assigned to me. I’m loosing the momentum and seem like for getting attention that is all that matters , but I don’t code for that, I code because of the joy of being useful, of making something that people from everywhere could use, and being able to feel proud of that, because I need to feel part of something bigger than me and my difficult environment, because I want a place to render my creativity and learn in the process experiences and knowledge that otherwise would be impossible to get and also because of all the people that have trusted and helped me. Forgive this rant, being this a blog, sometimes I need to express my feelings because otherwise it could became a cold technical blog and in the future, when i read it back I could remember how I was feeling at that time and hope could say: – I was wrong 😉

Cheers Farsthary

Another quick test and a little rant

73 thoughts on “Another quick test and a little rant

  1. Hypercrush says:

    You are the Best, i can kick me in my ass for spend my money to DrPepper 😦

    I hope for final Version and commit to blender trunk, you made a very good Job. I must learn better English. My next Donate goes for you ;o)

    GO.. GO.. GO..


  2. Terrachild says:

    I really think we should all kick in a little to support him. Money goes a long way toward making your life easier. Just because Blender is open source doesn’t mean you can’t make some money off of it. Andrew Price with BlenderGuru made enough money to quit his job and go full time with Blender. There is nothing wrong with that. You should do the same, and let us contribute something. Five dollars from a thousand people is $5000. Most of us would never miss five dollars. But that kind of money in Cuba can go a long way! Allow us to help you!


  3. Farthary – I can’t wait to use unlimited clay in Blender. I sit anxiously watching for another update to your blog about unlimited clay in Blender. I’m excited that you have been able to rewrite the unlimited clay engine from scratch. I sympathize with your sense of isolation. Creators create for the sake of creating, not for the accolades, but a little bit of attention makes the result of all the sweat and effort a little sweeter. I’m sure all the Blender community awaits your progress on unlimited clay.


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