The Planet texture patch

Hi 🙂

This is the Planet texture patch for people to use it, few advices: at default values (i.e size = 0.25) it is like a curl texture, with lots of curls and at larger sizes (1.0+) and high octaves (4,5+) then it starts showing the planet surface-like features. It is also recommended to use the hard mode for more details 🙂

Here are blender versions already patched:

* windows (thanks Dingto)!)

* linux (64bits) (thanks Loopduplicate!)
here are some .blends too

* OSX (thanks Tkroo!)

blend1 , blend2 , blend3

Cheers Farsthary

The Planet texture patch

25 thoughts on “The Planet texture patch

    1. freedomsoftware says:

      That’s gorgeous Zagupi! It really shows nicely what the planet textures can do! A bit more black space around the stars and maybe some small stars in the distance in the background and this would make a great wallpaper!


  1. Tungerz says:

    Awesome addition to our textures, gotta build some planets now, it would’ve been handy for a previous project I did, I may have to revisit it and tweak it with your new textures 🙂

    Thanks alot, Farsthary


  2. Marv says:

    Thanks for your hard work Farsthary !

    Little bug: Although you might already know (if so, sorry for bothering you) the texture node is not rendered correctly : in line 63 of your patch “stype” should be “planet_type” I suppose.


  3. Max Puliero says:

    Hi mate!

    if you have time and you feel good, can you make a very simple/basic “edge textures” very very needed.

    now for render the edges we have o use nodes or multimaterials… yes… totally tricky..


    1. Mira S says:

      Wow, nice work.

      Is it possible to get that done in an official build as well? Can you port this as an plugin? I would love to get my hand on that tool to play around a bit.

      Thanks a lot


  4. iisthphir says:

    Blender needs a few new procedural options i think this is a good step. Would be good to have it integrated with the other procedurals in gui though…
    Though i really think it should be immediately poot into trunk and be done with it. Its not as if something like this is going to cause any other bugs or complications anywhere else… :/
    Cheers for the cool texture 😀


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