Spring relaxation, second test

Hi 🙂

I haven´t made yet a GUI for it but it’s cool to toy with it. I think it will be very useful for UV relaxing.


Spring relaxation, second test

39 thoughts on “Spring relaxation, second test

  1. FreeMind says:

    are you planning to turn this into a separate modifier and a tool when modeling/Uv mapping? Will it be separate from UC modifier or a part of it? in short: How are you planning to put this in?


    1. Farsthary says:

      Well, I plan to add it as a new edit mesh tool , side by side with the current smooth vert tool … and will have to see if that way is visible to the UV module .. if not, it will have to be added too 🙂


      1. Farsthary says:

        With Ngons will be more tricky because of the lots of ways an NGon could be internally connected in terms of springs among verts… up to 4 is relatively easy to add, but more verts inside a face could be done as well … when Bmesh get into trunk (perhaps this will be integrated before) then I could check it 😉


  2. Peter says:

    I love it! it will be very useful for modelling if you make it like the original smooth version! but please, dont replace it! the 2 tools can be useful in different situations, so i think that the existance of both of them would benefit all! thanks for such a great work you are doing!


  3. Damaged says:

    And the Angel was sent to add this feature to the UV editor too! And we know that Angel as Farsthary! Amen.
    I can’t tell anything for now – too excited! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you


  4. n-pigeon says:

    wow awesome, I see that now it preserves edge borders 🙂 Is it possible to choose if this tool preserves or not borders? It would be then even more usefull 😉


    1. Farsthary says:

      Yes, is possible, just need to finish the GUI , also take into account that only will be smoothed selected verts, so you could leave as many parts untouched as you want, not only borders.


  5. Moolah says:

    Very very cool! 🙂 Now it really shows how useful it will be in usual mesh modelling!
    After this too If Blender will have it’s own auto-retopo tool then our boosted super program will be the King of Mesh ^____^
    Another good word to your side, Raul – I will not need n-gons after this tool! It makes topology fixing a really simple task!


  6. This is cool, but I’d love to see how it performs on a real-world mesh (eg. a head model). Not many people spend their day to day work smoothing grids of even topology 😉


  7. Peter says:

    HI! from what i read from the comments and what i see in the videoit makes clear that you are implementing this as a modifier, and this will work on the whole mesh and so, but i think that it will be more powerfull to make it as the smooth command in edit mode as well! this can benefit polymodeling vrey much, because the user can apply it only on the selected faces/vatices that he wants! is it simple to do this kind of tool with the same preserving volume algorithm? so we can choose depending on situation what type of tool we should use – in some situations we can use it as modifier on the whole mesh, but in others we can use the edit mode command only on the selected faces/vertices!


  8. blenderificus says:

    impressive work so far! hope this ends up being a modier.

    An editmesh tool would be nice…. HOWEVER I would most prefer it as a modifier, that I could also use with vertex weights as well, that would be VERY VERY powerful IMO.

    Thanks Farsthary!!!


  9. SilenceBe says:

    When may we expecting a new build on graphicall ? The last unlimited clay branch seems released ages ago. Wouldn’t it benefit the project if more people would test it ?


  10. JustinBarrett says:


    superDoubleDoubleLong very_nice(Awesome* k)

    seriously, I have hated the smooth algorithm since 2.27(when I started with Blender).
    This is fantastic.
    -Justin Barrett AKA: Nowherebrain


  11. mat says:

    ehrr…. this is very great but… could you port the unlimited clay feature to beta 5? Your svn is still alpha 2 and on linux I have a lot of issue using that.
    Thank you


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