Remember MakeHuman

Hi all 🙂


It has being a long time since I check the status of MakeHuman project and I must admit that I´m quite impressed 🙂  I want to thank the efforts the MH team is making in bring us all that wonderful and nice addon in the toolbox of every 3D artist. Many people easily forget the sacrfice a person or a team has to made in order to maintain an open source project and is very easy to ask features and features because that other project already have them and so on … or many others are quite fast critisizing but quite lazy giving solutions.  MH has survive over the time and improved a lot from situations many other projects haven´t make it , it has played a key role in the drop in prices of the comercial especialized tools like Poser, but what a project could not stand is the indiference of their community. End of the year is a good time to show your appretiation to them and make sure they feel your warm opinion to give them new strengths to bring us a much more pro tool in 2011 !



Remember MakeHuman

5 thoughts on “Remember MakeHuman

  1. Moolah says:

    Wow! This Make Human project is really great. I saw it’s videos yesterday and someday I’ll make my own model with it. As I seen – it’s much handy than Poser. Because I worked in Poser and it wasn’t that great.


  2. Tynach says:

    I remember using MakeHuman back when it was a Blender Python script… I’ve not really used it since, unfortunately. I’m definitely going to, though 🙂


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