Toward sculptris-like sculpting!

Hi 🙂

As my new year surprise for the community I will show you my recent advances in the subdivision algorithm for Unlimited Clay: now those ugly long and thin stretched triangles belong to the past! hope you like it 🙂

PS: before you ask, no, this is still not committed to my branch: there´s a bunch of issues not shown in this video that will prevent this for public usage yet but don´t worry, I´m working very hard to get as soon as possible a public build!

Best wishes for this new year!


note from the blog’s maintainer (Lapinou) :

Farsthary has been working on the unlimited clay algorithms during many monthes (so he doesn’t just tinker code, he also polishes it!): as often in the computer science world, developing a new feature follows the Pareto law : it takes 80% of the time to develop the 20% remaining stuffs (bug fixing, optimizations…), which explains why Farsthary is “only” posting “unlimited clay” stuffs in the mean time..moreover, he keeps learning new area of the blender code with limited help..

Thanks to the new skills in the mesh editing field he is learning, he will than be able to tackle the surface generation tool for fluid particles with more maturity (better designed code, etc)

As a gift for the new year, I suggest for those of us who are able and willing to, to save a extra few dollars  (more is difficult because of the crisis, I know what I am speaking about (issues to find a job)) for him and offering a little donation:as an example, it can be translated in simply smoking or drinking less during a week for his sake.

If many of us do even a tiny donation (not optimal relative to paypal, but better than nothing), this will keep his living condition at the same level than the previous years. Thanks!!

Toward sculptris-like sculpting!

113 thoughts on “Toward sculptris-like sculpting!

  1. You sir, are a genius. With people like you, Blender will find its way into more and more big studios. I for one am already using it in my editing department as a quick previz solution for our feature films. Nice work, you are truly one of the great


  2. Wow! I really enjoy seeing your contributions to advance Blenders state of the art in 3d modeling and fluid dynamic animation. Please keep it up! If only the sculpt could be recorded, that would make great animation!

    You know, this subdivision algorithm really makes me think it would be useful also as a Adaptive Subdivision Modifier. The ability to subdivide a mesh on the fly both interactively and at render time would be great. Connected to the right inputs (camera distance, screen size, distance to object, texture displacement) it could produce very powerful results. Anyway, thanks again! I hope to see this sculpting advance in Blender trunk soon.


    1. That’s correct. Paypal doesn’t deal in Cuban Pesos and given the US Governments embargo of Cuba (which all US companies have to obey) Canadian dollars in this case are an easier currency to get money through to Farsthary.


  3. FreeMind says:

    This is marvelous.
    Actually, i didn’t see a difference between this and sculptris!
    Apart from this being not stable, will there be any more changes to the subdivision algorythm?


    1. farsthary says:

      well, I plan to develop a code (thanks to the suggestion of an artist) to improve/eliminate verts poles, and few other small improvements here and there but essentially will remain … the stability issues are not related to this, are related to the sculpting PBVH spatial data struture.



  4. This has come along very far!

    Will you also cover polygon reduction/removal?

    Using sculptris, the “reduce” brush and the “reduce selected” tool get a lot of use.

    How does the performance compare with sculptris or is it too early to say?


    1. farsthary says:

      Hi 🙂
      is too early to say 😉 the issues with the PBVH are preventing to make such a comparison because is collapsing as soon as the meach reach more than 20k verts.

      Also the nature of the EditMesh tools, that are mainly iteratives over every mesh elemnts , make this not very performace wise so i expect performece lower than sculptris for now, but usable, in firts public versions if it get integrated intrunk some day. But in the future, I plan to tackle the heart of the editmesh mode to allow much more faster and local editmesh tools that will also jump ahead the speed limit of UnlimitedClay but that will be another awesome project 🙂


  5. badcheese says:

    As always, very exciting work! It is wonderful that you are writing papers to share with the computer science community and also that you implement this in Blender to share with the artist community.


  6. Jeff says:

    The performance and cleanes of the sculpt are jaw drooping, seems better that sculptris!!

    This video was so exiting to watch!!! Raul you always bring breath-taking features to blender!

    Bravo Raul! Bravo!!!


  7. I want to say only one thing : You are a very gifted person but like any gifted talent there it is some sacrifice. This it is translated to this : If you want him to continue this road you must support him if you can! So people that are used to smoke just cut some smoke sessions and give some $ to this man! Same for drink habbiters!


  8. . . .
    . ^ ` ^.
    . \ | / . <—– Mind being blown.

    Holy cow. This looks so clean and flexible… and the way it changes the resolution based on, not sure if it's the brush size or how zoomed in the camera is, but either way seeing it adapt the detail level to exactly whats needed to get it looking right is just awesome. Amazing to watch the detail of the surrounding mesh adjust and improve the topology in reaction to the strokes even outside the brush stroke itself.

    It's great seeing all your previous research (even the stuff I didn't understand ;P ) coming together into powerful features like this. The thought that it's also helping to create what's needed for bringing other features into blender like surfacing the SPH particles is even more exciting.

    THANKYOU Farsthary for all your hard work under difficult circumstances to let the rest of us enjoy these amazing features in Blender for free. You're amazing!


    1. farsthary says:

      Oh yes! In fact the paper I´m elaborating is a bit more general, not only about reducing but other mesh operators … the sky is the limit! I just need to finish the first iteration and set the barebone of the dynamic subdivision sculpting and the rest will be much, much more easier to add 🙂


      1. Moolah says:

        Seeing your results makes me glad! ^___^
        This technique reminds me fractals… I just imagine how interesting and wonderful things we can create using your Unlimited Clay! One mesh can be a base for the whole psydelic animation :)) And after adding node features in Blender I think that here can be some other great improvements and usage. Just imagine… Particle based sculpting – one displace map texture can be projected on different places (using particles on a surface as centers) – almost in the same time. I’m sure this will be real with nodes. And your adaptive subdivision+new smooth will make this method possible. Create Part.System -> Choose baked mesh-brush, goto Sculpt mode -> choose Particle clone sculpt (an example name 🙂 ) – click – wooala! 🙂 The whole coral tree just in a moment! :))


  9. The Fatsnacker says:

    You sir are sick, I hope you get well soon, well not really


    No Sir I hope you have a good start to the new year, you’ve certainly brought another smile to my face, and that of my 4 1/2 yr daughter, who would it seems be migrating away from playing with sculptris to this baby.




  10. hartsantler says:

    Your work on blender CLEARLY should have regularly funding, its a shame that blender development is at this sad point where the best of the best like Raul, are having to ask for money just to cover basic expenses. What if he had a family to support, stable regular income is required, donation’s wont cut it. Somebody needs to raise the flag, call out the community and setup a financial support system for key blender developers. BMesh is another example of where too little funding came too late.


  11. airsnake says:

    Awesome Farsthary!!! You are a Genius!!! Is it possible to make donation from Italy? I read there are difficulties with Paypal…other ways? (this 2011 will be amazing for Blender…)


  12. Marcus says:


    When this sculptris-like-thing is finished we only need a good auto-retopology tool/ algorythm and Blender will be one of the fastest tools for mesh creation around!


  13. Hi, love what you are doing here, I’m not even yet using Blender, but what you are doing is wanting me to start using blender, anyways I just donated 25$ in American $, I hope that currency is good with you 🙂


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