SmoothMesh surface tool for 3DCoat

3D Coat Mesh

3DCoat Mesh Smooth Option

3DCoat Smoothed Mesh

Hi all

Since 3DCoat generates mesh based on marching cubes, often the output mesh needs some postprocessing when is used in external pippelines, because MC outputs some ill formed triangles. In Voxel mode the SmoothAll tool perform a smoothing at voxel level but the faces issues remains and in surface mode the very fast Smooth pen does anexcelent job but only in a local way.

So I decided to add a full Smooth Mesh surface tool that have a low shape shrinkage and retain most of the mesh features while improves a lot the topology. this tool will be very usefull for exporting meshes among other use cases. It will be soon included in the official updates.


SmoothMesh surface tool for 3DCoat

6 thoughts on “SmoothMesh surface tool for 3DCoat

  1. macromanjr says:

    Wow, you’re really moving and shaking there helping to develop and improve 3D-Coat! I’m so glad for you! Good job, man!


  2. Camilo says:

    Hey man, great work as always. Your work has inspired me in my CS studies and I wish you the best, talent like your should be rewarded.

    A lo mejor te pueda ver en persona algun dia, seria un honor conocerte en persona.


  3. naday says:

    Looks sexy! Especially in view of your Unlimited Clay video, placing spheres on top of each other. Watching the algorithm subdividing locally felt like witnessing Creation. Inspiring experience. 🙂


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