Just a quick update

Hi all

Just another quick update,  I wanted to squeeze most of the performance from the face classification step on both LiveClay (3DCoat) and UnlimitedClay (Blender) and I have implemented a fast face-discard code to avoid the expensive face-inside-sphere and ray-face-intersection tests,  and I’m pretty satisfied with it and I think that it can further be improved with some code alligment to improve processor cache hits since is based on conditional ifs…

That code proves to be higly optimized as a I quickly discard faces to avoid expensive triangle-in-brush-sphere tests but sadly in Blender the PBVH issues is holding down performance to no end 😦 I have discovered also a memory issue that is eating a lot of RAM as I sculpt, due to no correctly freeing PBVH rebuilds, I have pointed many times that also a big performance eater is the global nature of all EditMesh operations: for split faces the function iterates over te whole verts, edges and faces lists, for any editmesh operation those lists are traversed, I hope that will be tackle in future Blender development and I hope BMesh will allow local editmesh operations.

Soon I will clean up the whole UnlimitedClay patch, to migrate the code to a recent build and spot loose bugs, in order to avoid unecessary delays for the community I will probably release then a developer/test patch to allow devs collaboration. Every performance improvement count and I’m sure with more hands the community will be playing soon with UnlimitedClay.

For LiveClay those issues doesn’t happen, everything is local and dynamic so performance is what you would expect and polycounts is not an issue, smoothing, clasiffication, and subdivision are local but still I need to deal with pole vertices in LiveClay and some minor fixes,  I’m sure will be ready soon an oficial test 🙂

I’m happy to have my todo lists full 🙂 , as a funny (and dangerous :P) story I use to keep in the windows sticky notes, my todo list with pending tasks and subtask and done tasks and the other day I left my 4 years nefew play some games son my pc and after my return he messed up all my notes! O.o  I guess is time to set up some parental controls LOL.



Just a quick update

11 thoughts on “Just a quick update

  1. Blendiac says:

    Woah! So devs are going to be getting the patch soon, meaning…. Unlimited Clay builds on Graphicall! YES!!! This is going to be awesome (especially, combined with the recent retopo stuff we saw on BlenderNation)! Thanks for keeping up with this Farsthary, especially when you’ve been working so hard that you’ve been missing sleep! Great to have you helping out with both 3Dcoat *and* Blender!


    1. FreeMind says:

      I don’t think screenshots will show anything new.

      Yo, dude, I have an idea.
      Hows about if you start merging UC to Bmesh right now, so you’d have less trouble when Bmesh is actually done?
      And you can fix the performance problems for UC in Bmesh, which means two birds with one shot – you are making UC work faster and helping in Bmesh development!
      Just a thought.

      Best wishes. Love your work.


  2. dddjef says:

    I’m very exciting about testing UC too.
    And I think Fremind is right, collaboration is the key for performance in this situation.

    Glad you keep working for Blender Farsthary, Thanks a lot!


    1. geoff says:

      Hurray for LiveClay!!

      Looking forward to the first version in 3D-Coat.
      SmoothMesh surface tool is a pleasure to look at: beautiful uniform triangulation! Can’t wait!


  3. I don’t think editmesh was a good choice for unlimited clay. Can’t the same basic subdivide tools be coded directly over the derived mesh?

    thank’s for the post


  4. daniel says:

    YaY! This is beautiful, especially that you are allowed to
    work on both 3dcoat and blender3d.
    Hey, cool that your nefew visited you!
    That is awesome I hope you can enjoy
    your private life, despite the exhausting
    but rewarding development process.
    Is there any way to support you?
    Would you apprecciate a donation?
    Or should I buy the sintel or the blenderella dvd?
    Thanks for replies.


  5. justposted says:

    Great to see that 3DCoat let you keep working on Blender. Guessing it eats any free time that you had before though! Good on you – the community appreciates it, I promise.

    I used to use stickies for my notes too, but now I use Freemind. I highly recommend that you try it. Doesn’t look very beautiful, but for organising endless tasks and subtasks it is very quick and very effective. Not so easy for 4 year olds to mess with, either! http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Download


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