Second LiveClay video test

Hi all 🙂

Caption: Simple use test

Caption: Extreme subdivision (no displacement) test.

Good news, the first part of LiveClay is almost done, there are few issues remaining that still prevent this to be released, but I hope they will be solved soon 🙂

The dynamic subdivision part is quite fast (as shown in video test 3: “extreme subdivision” where a 300k vertices mesh is dynamic subdivided with ease to a 3M vertices mesh and counting ;)) and there´s room to be improved yet, once the main part is done I would like to research and explore some concepts to accelerate it further, not the LiveClay itself but all other pen´s action inside heavily tesselated voxels, that would be quite common once LiveClay became mainstream among artists pipelines.

Also this is not te final GUI of LiveClay, the goal is to integrate it with the rest of the surface brushes.

The main remaining issues are:

  • Better pen displacement, currently I can get wrong mesh grow with self
  • intersecting faces .
  • -Correct draw update, as I subdivide some parts seems outdated in
  • Redrawing and some holes seems to appear, they are not real holes because
  • As the stroke get close to them they are correctly redrawn as faces.
  • Memory bug with resample? ( I use raycast to detect faces bigger than
  • The pen´s radius, but if I resample the object the raycast gives wrong results )
  • Symmetry support (I suspect what part of the code I should change ;))
  • View independent brush radius.(?)

Hope you like it


Second LiveClay video test

20 thoughts on “Second LiveClay video test

  1. kike sanz says:

    i hope that i am not like the guy that asked about his lost party invitation to only find that he was never invited.
    Hope to hear about unlimited clay soon.
    will you be collaborating with brecht in the new blender renderer i remember you experiments with gi.
    continue hitting digital home runs !


    1. Blenderer says:

      Hmz, no mention of Blender. Does this mean that LiveClay will be a 3D Coat exclusive feature now? 😦

      (hope I’m not stirring things up here in case I’ve missed something)


  2. ImperfectLink says:

    Wow! Looks like the subdivision is lightning fast. I also noticed you’re going beyond 2M polys (that typically kills Sculptris) without any problems.


  3. koshey says:

    Anything beyond 700000 slows my sculptris to where the sculpting becomes uncomfortable as well.

    BTW it would be nice to have a grab tool working like it does in sculptris…it’s got a very nice feel to it. Also an option for trackball style navigation ala sculptris would be sweet too, it’s not the best if you dont have a tablet but i find it’s far superrior to any other navigation mode with one.


  4. mercy says:

    Awesome! Always reminds me of a Poly-God working on Creation of a world in some remote galaxy.

    Do you think merge mesh is possible here? Load OBJ and insert it into this clay mass as you are inserting alphas now. Same transform manipulator as merge mesh into voxel mass. Would it be hard to create?


  5. FreeMind says:

    Hi there.
    Tried out UC.
    It’s going in a good direction for sure.

    Just a few points/Suggestions:
    1) When UC modifier is on, the whole model mustn’t be subdivided. I added UC to the default cube and it subdivided it as if I used W/Subdivide in edit mode. That mustn’t happen.
    2) Hows about making UC modifier automatically triangulate your mesh when added to the modifier stack? Because quads don’t really work with UC very well. Sculptris does that. When you import a cube to sculptris, it imports it triangulated.
    3) For some weird reason quads appear on the model as you sculpt. Could you Tinker your code so that it’s always triangles no matter what?

    But apart from that and many bugs and Unfinished features, it’s freakin awesome.


    1. farsthary says:

      Hi FreeMind 🙂

      It has the code inside to always triangulate the mesh, seems that builders or myself have turn that off for performance shake but it has the potential there 😉


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