UnlimitedClay for Blender alpha 2 patch in 3,2,1

* Note from Blendiac: Raul sent us this a few days ago, but due to a massive power and phone outage where we are, we only just managed to get online and post this. Forgive us Raul / Blendheads!

Hi all 🙂

As promised yesterday[*] here is the UnlimitedClay patch against an old
revision (32564), is a heavy patch where I move data a lot among files,
basically due to the need to expose editmesh functionality to the sculpt
module and viceversa, remember that UnlimietdClay is more like a hybrid of
both modes , also there are some incomplete features or temporal solutions
there (like drawing functions).

UnlimitedClay patch:

There are several smoothing algorithm that I have earlier release as a
cleaner patch,  and rewritten to to avoid introducing new terms , so they
can be used here just for testing purposes, I don’t recomend to integrate
them as they are in this patch, if any dev is interesting in them please
search the Blender patch tracker where the correct patch is floating.

A new rewrite must be done for the new BMesh and also to implement better
PBVH support, I’m preparing a PDF where I explains the basic for dynamic
subdivision sculpting that will ease the task 🙂

I’m sure all the issues will be overcome soon. Enough of talk 😉

All the best,

UnlimitedClay for Blender alpha 2 patch in 3,2,1

15 thoughts on “UnlimitedClay for Blender alpha 2 patch in 3,2,1

  1. FreeMind says:

    Hi there.
    Tried out UC.
    It’s going in a good direction for sure.

    Just a few points/Suggestions:
    1) When UC modifier is on, the whole model mustn’t be subdivided. I added UC to the default cube and it subdivided it as if I used W/Subdivide in edit mode. That mustn’t happen.
    2) Hows about making UC modifier automatically triangulate your mesh when added to the modifier stack? Because quads don’t really work with UC very well. Sculptris does that. When you import a cube to sculptris, it imports it triangulated.
    3) For some weird reason quads appear on the model as you sculpt. Could you Tinker your code so that it’s always triangles no matter what?
    4) It should be under “Generate” not “Simulate”.

    But apart from that and many bugs and Unfinished features, it’s freakin awesome.

    I could give a shot at drawing a custom icon for UC.
    Are you interested?


  2. dddjef says:

    I’m looking for this for a long time ago. But… I don’t know how to compile with this.
    Can anyone give me a windows compiled version? (32 or 64 whatever) ?


  3. kike sanz says:

    Does anyone know the future of Uclay . i downloaded uc build and played with it
    it did not function like video ? am i doing something wrong ?
    Raul could you post a blend file setup like in the videos thanks
    have you talked with other devs about helping


    1. FreeMind says:

      It’s still a wip.

      Some functions are turned off, they have to be turned on when building.
      Such as “Make sure everything is in triangles when subdividing”.


      1. swathi says:

        Hai freemind, You mean there is already an option for “Make sure everything is in triangles when subdividing” or it need to be implemented? I was searching for than option but I cannot find it

        Thank You


  4. FreeMind says:

    Quote Farsthary:
    “It has the code inside to always triangulate the mesh, seems that builders or myself have turn that off for performance shake but it has the potential there ”

    The code is in the source. But turned off during building. There is no checkbox on the GUI of blender.


  5. camino1961 says:

    Where can I find the Live Clay download for blender?
    I see the patch on this page.
    Can anyone help me?
    Thank you in advance.


  6. i waited so long for this and expected it to be BIG when you release it.. nobody made a single blender build with it that is even half useful as what we saw in the videos you posted. 🙂 why

    are 3d coat people letting you to throw us some old version of the code that doesnt work with current builds


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