13 thoughts on “Radial Symmetry for 3DCoat

  1. naday says:

    Runtime error every time start demo, sphere primitive to voxel, press Liveclay, touch surface once with the tool Runtime error, crash. 3d-Coat-V35-21


  2. farsthary says:

    Hi 🙂

    This is just Radial symmetry, not liveClay, the current GUI is a hack to show the functionality but it will be definatelly different 😉
    Expect soon awesome news from LiveClay 😉

    Yes, Blender have had radial symmetry for long ago.


  3. kike sanz says:

    @tungee Raul has always coded for fun and the challenge but lack of Internet access ,isolation,bmesh,lacking of interest from devs(not artists has made coding for blender less then enjoyable.
    he released his code along time ago and we are yet to see an up to date build for unlimited clay.
    its clear to me that raul has done as much as he could do given his circumstances and another dev could carry the torch if people are still interested. is raul really the only one that can code uclay into blender? i think not


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