Why is UnlimitedClay on hold?

UC is currently on hold for several reasons, most important is that is awaiting for the official integration of B-Mesh project and some other sculpt improvements, as I have explained several times before the current mesh system in Blender does not allow real time incremental updates, and while prototypes of UC can be implemented performance will be terrible slow after several thousands of polygons. Of course, an intermediate data structure can be used but that would mean another computation layer that may not be worth to have once Bmesh enter the scene. The good news is that If I’m not mistaken Bmesh is closer and closer so I will soon set the foundations of UC in Blender 🙂


Why is UnlimitedClay on hold?

21 thoughts on “Why is UnlimitedClay on hold?

  1. Johnathan Hauck says:

    Farsthary, it’s too bad that the community seems to have pushed you for an answer.
    I think what you’ve done and are doing for the Blender community is great.
    I’m sure when everything is in place and ready, we’ll get to rejoice in your efforts.
    Keep up the great work, the Live Clay work looks equally impressive.

    Johnathan Hauck


  2. edi says:

    Thank you for the news. How about the surface generation for SPH (Tungee has mentioned)? Is it also on hold until Bmesh is implemented?


  3. carlos says:

    creia que el proyecto estaba totalmente muerto y para mi , junto con b-mesh y la implementacion de p-tex , es el proyecto mas importante que hay en desarrollo en blender actualmente y es un alivio saber que sigue a la espera y que se integrara aunque tengamos que esperar a que finalicen con los n-gons pero son grandes noticias .Gracias Raul sinceramente por los aportes a la comunidad de blender y suerte en 3dcoat


  4. usar bmesh para UC me parece un error todavia. Igual como lo fue usar edit mesh. Una estructura de mesh de solo triangulos con operaciones basicas seria suficiente y mas liviano


    1. farsthary says:

      Hola 🙂

      La conversion constante entre estructuras de datos haria el proceso muy lento tambien, es por eso que no he optado por esa opcion…., la ventaja de usar BMesh es que las operacions sobre los poligonos serian incrementales e independientes de su numero (cosa qiue no pasaba con editmesh) lo cual seria una gran ventaja 🙂


  5. SamCameron says:

    kilikoro, right someone is doing some job there, but what about Raul? he said the UC is on hold, but what keeps you away from work with SPH Fluid mesh?, he didn’t answer to Tungee or edi ,so we’re still waiting for a proper answer from Raul.


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