Farsthary in Kiev!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! I can’t belive it but I’m in Kiev, as soon as I recover from a traumatic trip (more than 7000km of fly, 7 hours of difference and a dehidration because of the dry continental weather in contrast to my used wet caribbean weather) I will provide details 🙂
I’m feelling like a child, the OLD WORLD is completely NEW to me and AWESOME in every sense.
People here are awesome too and I’m starting to meet Pilway’s crew, they’re wonderfull 🙂
With the Lord’s help this will be a huge change in my liffe, I hope it last 🙂


PS: oh yes, high speed internet at last so expect high  quality video and posts soon 🙂

Farsthary in Kiev!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 thoughts on “Farsthary in Kiev!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. haikalle says:

    Usually I read everything from your blog and from 3d-coat forum but I didn’t know
    that you were planning to move there. This is great. Hope you like it there.

    BTW LiveClay looks amazing.


  2. kike sanz says:

    best wishes Raul stay positive some hard decisions had to be taken don’t get too home sick mother ,father ,grandmother, grandfather everyone i bet is proud .
    i know many people who did not return for decades only find empty house
    i hope the best if you decide to stay permanently.


  3. Everton says:

    I just came here in your blog to get more info about your particles patch(SpinMyParticles), and then this great news!!!
    I can feel your happiness! Great to see you growing! God bless you and your family!


  4. Camilo says:

    Felicidades. Mentes como la tuya necesitan libertad para llegar a las alturas que desafortunadamente no permiten nuestro viejo regimen. Hay muchas oportunidades y con diligencia podras llegar muy lejos.


  5. Raúl, todavía tienes el correo de mi oficina? roger ehtsc co cu? Tirame un mensaje para mantenernos en contacto y de paso te mando mi talla de zapatos!


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