Important quality improvements

Hi 🙂

Now that I’m  in Kiev I have plenty of time to develop, no more time wasted in everyday tasks, but also no many chatting because of the language 😦 , I will try to learn russian as fast as possible ;).

As a result I have solve several important issues that was lagging LiveClay output quality: some extraordinary vertices start effect and a much better brushing subdivission, hope you like it 🙂



New Refine Steps algorithm
Important quality improvements

5 thoughts on “Important quality improvements

    1. Oh, the object itself is not spherical, in the second picture it is more evident because is a sligthly different perspective but is is independent from the brushing improvements 🙂


  1. BeatKitano says:

    Nice, looking at the wirefram in previous version was kinda sad, couldn’t get straight nice strokes, compared to sculptris it was an awful sight. Very glad you fixed it 🙂


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