New wrinkle brush and fast Tube brush for 3D-Coat

Hi guys!

I take some time to research and implement these two types of brushes with rely on LiveClay too on the surface mode so they can be quite useful and leverage functionality between voxel mode and surface mode.  (Finally I can upload Full HD content Yay! ;))



New wrinkle brush and fast Tube brush for 3D-Coat

8 thoughts on “New wrinkle brush and fast Tube brush for 3D-Coat

  1. BeatKitano says:

    Wow the wrinkle brush will be a very ingenious addition to 3dc toolset, sculpting clothes will be very easy ! Thanks a lot !


  2. haikalle says:

    Looking really nice. Thanks for the great HD videos. I have one idea to bring into table. I know that voxel subcells is planned in the future. But could it be possible to do this. When going back to voxel mode from surface. It would not automaticly re-order hole mesh. It would only change it where you paint. This way you could go to voxel mode and change only the parts you need and leave the other parts untouched. Just a idea 🙂


    1. H 🙂
      Thanks for your suggestion, Subcells are already inn and they will be useful for maintaining detail and allow symmetrical conversion between surface and voxel mode when Voxel liveClay finally get implemented 🙂


  3. BeatKitano says:

    Tube brush is pretty cool too (I won’t need to use the tedious move and liveclay with depth=0 to add tris trick) .

    One thing that would complement it very nicely (and would be greatly appreciated by traditional sculptors) is a livemove: moving and adding tris as stretching occurs. This brush could almost be the only one used in the entire process as it’s virtualy capable of doing anything (I use is A LOT in sculptris for instance)

    Keep going, I’m really enjoying the toolset/brushes upgrade it opens a ton of new possibilities !


  4. Moolah says:

    Hi, Raul!
    I wasn’t here for a long time…. and I see
    Te wrinkles feature is splendid! 🙂 I never seen this before. Really fast creating of wrinkles – it’s a bomb!


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