Big brush pack

Hi 🙂

I have a couple of good news. There’s nothing like work side by side with a genius, thanks to Andew’s help I have being able to improve recently added LiveClay based brushes and make them more robust and implement several others that can be very useful and time saving, but let’s images speak by themselves 😉


New Tangent Smooth brush:

This brush provide a wide range of smoothing/relaxation options, with no depth it improves topology but does not shrink the mesh, as it maintains the original shape as much as possible and all relaxation happen over the surface, with depth it perform smoothing with a user controlled shrinkage factor, very useful for clean topology and/or more fine tune of the mesh than the standard Smooth


Improved Tube brush

This tool grows surface in the normal direction, so it behaves like the Build up voxel brush and can be very useful to grow new geometry and even to make columns  and holes 😉 !


Improved Crease brush

Crease is a must in any sculpt pippeline so we ensre our implementtion is very robust and powerful, it combune a Crease/Pinch behaviour 😉


Improved Snake brush

Oh yes, we have made Snake tool much more robust and does not flatten as we rotate the pen as before, this is a beautiful brush 😉

Improved Snake brush


New Smudge brush

Smudge is very important,  so finally is implemented in Surface tools, it allows some how to mix and displace the mesh surface


New Swirl brush

this brush can be very useful and time saving to achieve this curling effects 😉


The following tools can create self intersecting geometry that can be improved with previous tools but many objects in nature for their complexity resemble those structures so they can be quite useful and achieve results that otherwise would be impossible or very difficult to get with the combination of previous tools, also as Alchemy has shown, chaotic drawing can be quite inspiring an help to release imagination, so feel free to toy with this tools 😉


New Rope brush

This tools can extrude very interesting rope like extensions but according to smoothing and detail level can vary from organic to mechanic look!

New Rope brush
New Rope brush


New Tendril brush

This is a very interesting brush to model complex  extensions ranging from roots, to flying piece of clothes in a single action 😉

New Tendril brush
New Tendril brush


If  you like it drop a comment ;)!



Big brush pack

26 thoughts on “Big brush pack

  1. Great great great job man !
    What impresses me more, is that it looks really fast and it feels “bread and butter” 🙂

    Only one thing, and this is realted to the whole sculpting area, I think that with more advanced brushes, maybe the gui should be improved and better streamlined.

    I mean, there are 3 or 4 tools that basically extrude the mesh (like the tube brush), and I suppose every tool will have different options.
    I prefer more general purpose interfaces, maybe with the option to save the preset of the the brush settings to create a new one.

    Awesome anyway 😉


  2. Fantastic … I can’t wait the next update to be able to play with those brushes 😉 I can see a lot of potential.
    Coming from ZBrush, there’s just one brush I’m missing, and it’s the polish brushes, which seems to smooth surfaces but sharpened edges. Since 3DCoat already got some awesome tools for hard surfaces, if there was brushes like this it would become fantastic .

    Anyway, thanks a lot for all the good work you did, it’s really appreciated


  3. Rob says:

    The Snake brush look great BUT is is flat, just create in one 2D plane from POV.
    Is there a future plan to really control its depth with pressure?


  4. Hmm … I tried this brush but I wasn’t able to obtain the result I was expected. The polish brush in zb are really great when you have to deal with hard surface with a lot of curves, However the chisel brush seems actually to flatten the surface, losing curves.


  5. mercy says:

    Great improvements!

    Can you do a snake brush, where the 3DCoat-circle-cursor faces always to the local normal of the beginning surface? Like with the tube-brush, only the snake’s diameter always decreases and ends in a tip = snake tail?

    The tendril and rope brushes and the new tube look extremely super!!!! Congratulations!

    Now you can maybe look into the renderer code and put an ESC-Key detecting interrupt there, that actually STOPS the rendering in 32-bit mode. Currently in case of big, detailed objects with a lot of tendrils and twists the rendering cannot be stopped by ESC.


  6. Brian Malbury says:

    not so impressed…some of your brushes seemed more a “gimmick” than useful really. Only thing good in 3d coat are the retopo tools which I find more flexible than topogun. Other than that z-brush is the winner in terms of brush behavior, sculpt feel in all sculpt apps.


    1. Thanks God I don’t make this to “impress” you… I make this to improve the experience of 3DCoat users … hmm… I smell other intentions rather than expressing your opinion 😛


    2. The price tag on Z-Brush completely eliminates it as even a plausible option for more than a few people. 3D Coat is an affordable tool, and it works great. People who work hard to make software like Blender and 3D Coat are heroes to those of us who don’t have bags of gold to throw around at flashy overpriced software. I also have to mention that the user communities that have sprung up around blender and 3D Coat are much friendlier and non-elitist than those that surround Z-Brush. It was pretty depressing to when Sculptris was swept into that particular realm… Though I am happy its creator was able to get some sort of reward for his hard work.


    1. Oh, in that sense all 3D software are reap of of each other, knowledge is the same regarding the application and thanks to that evolution and improvement happens, also while Sculptris have undeniable merits it does not invent dynamic tessellation in sculpting …. educate yourself a bit, it has being since ’80s if not earlier in the wild. 😛


    2. BeatKitano says:

      I I where to be trolling I would say zbrush and sculptris are also rip off of amorphium… But that would make as much sens as saying zbrush is a rip off of maya’s artisan… oh wait Rep Sale talk much ?


    3. Mario Baldi says:

      Hi think Brian you should know the background before judge someone else.

      I remember that farsthary began this project for blender, open source, as he was fascinated by dynamic tesselation and sculptris. He always didn’t hide that, and I think he added so much to that great idea.

      So, just to make an example, there are sooooo many render engines, many of them share the same technology, should they not exist ?

      Great job farshtary, yes, your tool has reached a very valuable degree in my opinion


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