Hi 🙂

A good news, LiveClay now have the possibility to modify already existing surface tool, so would not be necessary to duplicate from scratch its behaviors as an independent LC tool, and we have implemented that way for Move tool, the Move tool can be considered one of the “Basic” sculpt tools so it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t invite it for the LiveClay party ;)!

Also, a very important difference between TSmooth and Smooth that is not very obvious is that for subvoxel detail, TSmooth performs better than Smooth and gaining performance the smaller the radius, here I show a video with almost a million faces in a single voxel and how both tools face the challenge 😉


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  1. TiagoTiago says:

    How much of what you’ve been doing is locked in with 3DCoat by patents and other IP rights and NDA stuff and how much are you gonna be allowed to bring to Blender when the necessary modifications are done?


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