LiveClay improvements

Hi 🙂

Good news, more LC stabilization and improvements! (Ok still we don’t get out of beta so don’t open your vintage wine bottles yet :P) but I think is worth to let you know, we have improved a lot the symmetric behavior of many tools and we have made a good revamp of the SnakeClay tool, now you can use a new feature with it: Lazy topology cleaning, just like what I have shown for the Move tool, at the end of the stroke this tool will try to reduce as much stretching as it can, maintaining the shape 🙂 and also very important improvements in the internal engine of that tool have been made, we can say now that 3DCoat has one of the most advanced Snake-like tool out there 😛

Also notice in the video how many LC tools have two new GUI option to activate the Merge&Repel feature in Real time or don’t use it at all. More advances will follow soon 😉

LiveClay improvements

3 thoughts on “LiveClay improvements

  1. Wuao, muy bueno, la simetria se ve que trabaja muy bien con LC, una pregunta, ¿habra alguna manera para añadir mas voxels sin tener que utilizar la brocha liveclay? algo similar a la de reduce, pero inverso, ya que me encanta utilizar el rapid brush, aveces quisiera añadir mas resolución a un area, para asi esculpir, me encantan brochas que parezcan Clay de verdad. Pregunto por que se que debe ser bastante dificil crear constantemente nuevas y nuevas brochas. Saludos, buen trabajo.


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