UnlimitedClay paper

Unlimited Clay

Hi everyone 🙂

Some time ago I was working on an Unlimited Clay paper to explain some basic principles since in my research for implementing dynamic subdivision sculpting all the existent papers seems quite obscure to me at that time (plus a slow internet connection =  EPIC FAIL :P), I even dare to send it for SIGGRAPH 2011 where it got reduced to ashes by the review experts board 😛 (even ignoring Ton’s advices regarding that, he warn me that they will be heartless with the papers :D) but in the end, yes, they where right, I was quite naive and inexperienced in theoretical development, I prefer to jump and code and that actual working software speaks for itself, but what doesn’t kill you, make you stronger, as a saying said. I don’t have any problems in recognize my own mistakes 😉

But since recently Nicholas Bishop is taking great steps toward implementing dynamic topology sculpting in Blender I think is a good time to blow the dust of that paper because it still have some value in explaining few tricks of how dynamic subdivision sculpting works and hopefully can help to ease the way I have to walk by trial and error before.

dynamic subdivision sculpting final

Also I want to point out once more time that here in 3DC the team really appreciate the Blender development efforts and we admire it,  Andrew is one of the most amazing persons I have met, aside from his lightning fast  intelligence (that is my model to follow :)) he has one of the most altruist personality I have seen, he have a lot of things in common with Ton, I surely can said that if half of the enterprise owners out there where like them, this world would be a much better place. I would like to recognize the incredible effort the Blendiac family has made to format and upload the paper for me at that time.  I’m very thankful for all the wonderful people the Lord has put in my life.

All the best



UnlimitedClay paper

6 thoughts on “UnlimitedClay paper

  1. swathi says:

    Hai, As you know bmesh is in blender trunk now. I know you are a busy man now and we don’t forget your contributions

    But I like to know any news about unlimited clay




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