Adaptive Decimate Brush: reduce without fear of loosing detail

Hi 🙂

As should be, the previous global mesh command has evolve also in a local brush, so user have now more finer detail on where he desire to reduce without loosing important details and features!

I’ve made a simple video showing the differences between traditional Reduce brush and the new Adaptive Decimate brush:



Adaptive Decimate Brush: reduce without fear of loosing detail

10 thoughts on “Adaptive Decimate Brush: reduce without fear of loosing detail

  1. foo says:

    but…Blender blender blender blender blender!

    No, 3DCoat does not blend!

    Get it through your thick skulls, 3DCoat bought this sucker out from under their direct competitor (Blender) and they ain’t giving him back until he is sucked dry. This is standard practice in the IT industry; money can completely destroy open source projects.


    1. mercy says:

      foo: Have you thought about that you the lover of free things is the sucker-of-life out from skillful people, who are always contributing to the community?

      One has to eat, pay for living. How to pay for living if one earns nothing by doing work for the free-stuff loving community? Donations? Nah, you people like when a contribution is given then always forget regular donations that would keep the contributors alive.


      1. Foo: Yes, is very sad this comment , this typically comes from people that not really cares about what open source is but for getting everything free for his own (financial) benefit. I’m working now for 3DCoat, I don’t know how long it may last, it may last few months or it may last my whole life and it means that many things I do for 3DCoat cannot be ported to Blender (would you ask the same to an Autodesk dev?) In my free time (which is very little in my current situation) among the many things I have to deal with (I have much more things to do than stick to a computer, as you do too) I try to keep up to date in what’s happening in the Blender world, I’m not totally disconnected from that and I do my best to keep coding but is not always possible.


  2. mercy says:

    This means realtime decimation master. Decimate the heck out of less important mesh parts – back – and leave detail where the mesh is seen the most. Excellent work!


  3. We never forbid to Raul to do same for Blender. I really dislike patent stuff that stops peoples to use technologies. The only restriction is not to give 3DC’s sources to someone. But first problem of course is time. Second is related (how to spend time) – it is a lot lot easier to work within 3DC’s framework than in Blender in terms of programming convenience and debugging possibilities. So doing same thing is much easier in 3DC.


  4. Pavel Ramirez says:

    really nice tool!!! i dont know if this tecnology have some patent or any similar…

    congratulations for ur job at 3Dcoat!!!

    people need understand than you are human! need eat, dress, have sex etc etc… for that you need money, and money appear with jobs…

    actually im learning how develop brushes for blender, have develop about 20% of a tool like planar trim of Zbrush for Blender(its a WIP), if i do that brush, i really wanna work to “port” this brush to blender, well if this algorimth dont have patents….well at last im just a noob 🙂


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