Down to primitives

As a suggestion by Andrew and as a nice way to gain more knowledge on 3DC essentials I have been working on implementing the fundamentals of several parametric primitives to improve existent ones and even add several completely new to 3DC.

beveled cube



Flat Dome


from cylinder, to prisms, to trunctaed cone in the same primitive....


Pipes or tubes
Down to primitives

2 thoughts on “Down to primitives

  1. Looks great!! I have a comment. Sometimes I wish 3dCoat primitive/translation manipulation worked more like blender’s. R to rotate, S to scale, middle mouse to constrain to axis . Ctrl to move in increments. Shift to move only gradually. Right now it always feels a little imprecise and less intuitive as it currently is.

    Thanks for the update and happy Thanksgiving if they are having the holiday where you are at 😉


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